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  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve been with Internode for years (since ADSL days, actually), and they’ve been excellent. Speeds and reliability are great. Not the cheapest, but hey, IMO worth it.
  2. Thanks guys. In the end, decided to make my own. Wasn’t sure what was involved with that (not much, as it turns out), but now I know, so yep, done. Cheers.
  3. Hi, so I need to source 4 speaker cables, spade one end and banana the other. A bit awkward, yes, but I imagine they must be available ... somewhere. Any suggestions? TIA
  4. Oops, found our better(?) turntable in storage, heh. It’s a Dual 505, with a Shure Hi-Track cartridge. So yeah, now looking for some speakers to improve the overall sound. Piece by piece, I’ll get there...
  5. Oh, just checked the amp - it’s an A9010 - the UK version. And oops, thought the turntable was a Sansui, but no, it’s a Hitachi PS-12, with some kind of aftermarket cartridge I believe, but such detail is beyond my pay grade. Don’t have a dedicated DAC. I suppose that could be a good idea?
  6. Hey, thanks Ian. Seems like a good place, yeah. Looking forward to upping my game, listening-wise. Slowly, because money isn’t great right now, and priorities are many. But it will be done.
  7. You must be sick of hearing this, but I would also be interested ... except yeah, I’m in another state.
  8. Thanks! I currently have an old Sansui turntable, that sounds good to me - will have to check the exact model. An Onkyo stereo amp, UK model - same thing again. Speakers are some cheap Polk bookshelf units. My studio monitors (in another room) are probably a lot better than these! For digital tracks, I just use the computer - lossless vastly preferred. Will hopefully get around to eyeballing model names soon. Cheers
  9. Hi, Just signed up. Thanks for having me here. I’m a muso, and keen on listening to others’ music (in various formats). Wanting to learn more about that, and possibly pick up some better gear as I go. I currently have an okay turntable, a good computer, a nice but not amazing amp, and ... pretty awful speakers, haha. So yeah, hoping to improve there first. Cheers, Michael
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