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  1. Haha tell me about it mate, DIY is a sickness I'll have for life I suspect.
  2. Absolutely love the Classix, great sounding speakers. Built a concrete enclosure for mine with a front port, they've been awesome for stereo home theatre in the lounge room. These look super clean mate, GLWTS. Asking price is pretty damn reasonable from memory of material costs.
  3. "I seek pleasure, not truth" thank you for summarising my audio goals in 5 words or less! Not for me but GLWTS.
  4. Damn those look bloody incredible, giving me inspiration for my next Classix II enclosure ? GLWS
  5. Item: Audeze headband and yoke rod Price Range: Unsure, will consider anything reasonable. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've recently purchased an m1060c from @Supaxui which I'm absolutely loving, however as anticipated am finding the headband to leave a little to be desired comfort wise, so looking to mod in an Audeze headband. Hoping I can find someone who may have upgraded from the old style band to the steel suspension one, or upgraded to the extended yoke rods, and is willing to part with the originals. Would be interested in a set or individual items. Of co
  6. Hey all, New member here from Sydney, still relatively new to the hifi hobby. Always loved music and gaming but only started getting into headphones in a big way over the last two years, to which end I've fallen into the trap of amassing a collection of mid-fi cans that are all pretty great but I'm still looking for something that really sings to me. My music taste is generally pretty varied, only thing I don't listen to is metal. I've got a particular soft spot for amazing female focals though. Current lineup: Dekoni Blues (which I modded with the Open Alp
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