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  1. Hey all, New member here from Sydney, still relatively new to the hifi hobby. Always loved music and gaming but only started getting into headphones in a big way over the last two years, to which end I've fallen into the trap of amassing a collection of mid-fi cans that are all pretty great but I'm still looking for something that really sings to me. My music taste is generally pretty varied, only thing I don't listen to is metal. I've got a particular soft spot for amazing female focals though. Current lineup: Dekoni Blues (which I modded with the Open Alpha 3D printed project that Mr Speakers released, this is still very much an ongoing project), Audeze Sines (bought used, modded for over ear), Sony Z7M2 (got a steal from a mate barely used, these are the daily drivers), Phillips Fidellio X2, Koss KPH30i, and my ancient Audio Technica ad700x. For amps, I've got a Fiio K3 and a Ifi Zen Dac/amplifier which I love. Speaker wise, I built a pair of Classix II speakers designed by Paul Carmody, powered by a Marantz AV receiver (ex-demo). If you haven't guessed yet I'm a big DIY fan, and attempt to prevent myself from spending too much, so I've been making my own cables as well which has been a fun learning experience. Would love to build a headphone amp as my next project. My main reason for joining is I'm looking for advice on where to possibly go next in the headphone world, and I figure this is a pretty amazing community to tap into for that. Hopefully I might be able to contribute some of what I've learned on the DIY side of things too. I find it a bit difficult to describe sound preference because I'm not 100% familiar with audiophile terminology. Only thing I can say for sure is I'm not a treble head, I need a decent amount of bass, and I'm not a fan of fatiguing/analytical cans. I'm easy between open or closed cans, even more so now that WFH is basically permanent for me. Out of the higher end cans (that aren't astronomically expensive) that I've auditioned I think I enjoyed the Audeze LCD2C the most, but I've only auditioned it once or twice for short periods of time and it's still way outside my price range. In a word, they're lush. Sadly I'm a bit of a slave to aesthetic as well, and I've got a soft spot for closed back wooden cups too, especially the various Fostex lines, and the old Denon's which aren't in production anymore. Anyway, cheers.
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