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  1. Wonderful speakers. Unfortunately I am on the other side of Australia.
  2. Good idea. Thanks @Snoopy8. See whether I can get latest Norah Jones album in HiRes.
  3. Hi guys, do you have experience in buying music in HDTracks.com. They have a lot of music but unfortunately most music is not available in Australia (probably due to copyright/distribution reasons). I tried to use VPN to pretend myself residing in certain countries but no luck in some cases. Do you have a faster way to know which albums or artists are available for Australia store, and if it is not, which country store we can buy the songs?
  4. How much is your budget? Do you accept second hand items? Is DSD a must for your music journey?
  5. Apart from the concerns raised by @Marc, I have great hesitation to source items from AliExpress. You know why.
  6. Hey Daniel, so what amps do you connect with this pair?
  7. Love this movie. I watched it in Hong Kong when it got Cannes. I've got Blu-Ray, movie script, cinematography book and soundtrack. Surprisingly the soundtrack quality is really good. Try it HDTracks but you need VPN (it is not available to purchase in Aussie version of HDTracks). 24-bit music files.
  8. Don't get me wrong. I use a lot of Clipsals/HPMs/Jacksons on my appliances. Some may just say "oh the pins are not 24K gold plated" whatever. You know, sometimes audiophiles may strive for everything perfect from the wall plug on the wall to appliance. For me, as long as that plug gives power I am fine with it. I am just curious.
  9. Thanks hiya, but this doesn't give USB-C to 2 USB-C for example.
  10. Let me fire a question. My MacBook Pro has only two Thunderbolt USB-C ports, with one connecting to power and another one to DAC. This means if I need to sync music to iPhone or use DVD Rom, I need to unplug one cable. Have you got recommendation on USB-C hubs giving USB-C ports?
  11. Thanks for all your replies. Much appreciated. Let me tweak my question a little bit. This is a Voodoo cable sold in Australia. Definitely it is America standard (plug). This means you need an American-look power bar (but run in 240V). The amps is running in 240V of course. My original question was how do you find a good cable connecting the power bar to the wall socket. Getting a Clipsal plug to change is an option, but many audiophiles would have bad feeling on Clipsal. https://klappav.com.au/collections/voodoo-cable/products/x-ray
  12. Don, in Audirvana there is an icon at the bottom which looks like a speaker. Click this and see what device you are on. That is audio setting for Audirvana. Make sure your DAC is in the list and selected.
  13. Peter, So you mean people can source good plugs to change instead of those from Bunnings.
  14. Hi guys, When you are on the road of hi-end hi-fi equipment, power supply is one topic attracting a lot of discussions. We hear a lot of good power cable names like voodoo. However here's the problem: majority of these power cables gives only British three-square pin plugs or American two-flat-pin-plus-one-round-pin plugs. There is none for Aussie plug. Also for power conditioning bars they give British and American formats like the product below. http://www.mshdpower.com/products_p.html?category=sockets&class=uk&oem=2&xml=MSUS06SRHKV2&model=MS-US06SRHK
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