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  1. Moved rack 4th time lol. This time got longer speaker cables.
  2. Cheers I'll check it out. I wonder if he done the center console wobble test 😆
  3. I love everything about the brand. Service and sales people very professional.. most other places once they sell you the car you're on your own. I bought brand new wrx for my gf and we had issues with CVT gearbox, battery failed shortly after in the end we gave up and sold the car. Taycan looks so nice in person, but once you thick few option boxes it becomes 100k more then a well nicely spec'ed Cayenne. I think its probably cheaper to jump into taycan turbo as opposed to 4s with bigger battery and few other options. Daughter perfers Cayenne, oh and the rumbble
  4. I haven't looked at the interior of one since my last purchase 3 years ago, but from what i recall audi interior was visually very appealing but not as solid as Porsche. I don't recall the specifics but i do recall being disappointed with quality inside. Indicator or trim felt wobbly.. This should not be the case for 150k+ car
  5. Audi looks great but interior is cheap flimsy plastic compared to alternative. Keen to see what Tesla is like inside.
  6. I've booked test drive with Telsa next week mate at work mentioned it to me this week, i didnt even know they had showroom in Perth. Is there any or many lol charging locations in Perth? The other unknow is how Taycan will depreciate overtime. If i dont go with electric probably end up with new cayenne gts.
  7. Anyone got Taycan? I've stopped at my fav car dealer and seen one in flesh. Lucky it was a long weekend and they were closed haha. Thinking of upgrading my Macan by end of the year, 4S Taycan is probably my upper limit wonder if anyone has one yet and what they think of it. I was honesty surprised how much better it looks in person. I'm just worried ill miss the sound of pops and crackles that ICE makes
  8. Oh ive been looking for one of these... I thought the center speaker had ribbon tweeter rotated 90 deg?
  9. 480x470mm Yeah right, i assumed most of the Solid Tech stuff was 500mm inside.
  10. Not holding my breath. I think Spotify might be the go for me.
  11. Item: Solid Tech Rack Price Range: Item Condition: New and Used Extra Info: Show me what you got. Need it for two monoblocks, however might be able to use it for all my equipment. I know there are many variations. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Bit of fun. Testing two different streamers and no preamp. Same same but different.
  13. Also made some rca caps for Supratek.
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