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  1. Thx all, ended up getting Cortese that popped up in classified. 🤙
  2. Yeah, if this was local id be making trip to ATM now.
  3. Fair point, i didnt think of it. Gieseler yes, ADI only couple hours on it. I wish Gieseler had 3 inputs it would be a keeper for sure.
  4. Gieseler i have only has usb input. I was hoping rme would have the edge on it, as everything else on rme is better. Build display, nice EQ, a ton of inputs, a lot of features, manual is brilliant. I must say that Rme has a power supply that has no weight, it looks like the cheapest item. Might add r2r dac or tube one to comapre then decide.
  5. Gieseler. Im switching cables over to confirm. On rme i used standard usb that came with it. Gieseler used audioquest. Also one is on rca and the other xlr but same brand / range of cable. Later ill test it on loudspeakers.
  6. Initial impression to me one sounds better feels like sound stage is wider🤔 (Ill update this as i spend a little more time with both. ) If anyone in Perth really wants to hear these your more the welcome to bring your cans and have a listen. -Pasic007
  7. I think that will be well over 5k and the leadtime would be months, thats why my preference is used I do love what they offer.
  8. Hey Guys, Looking for a Preamp ideally tube that has xlr inputs that can bi-amp. Is there anything that i should keep an eye out for used for around 5k? Cheers Pasic007
  9. Item: Speaker Cable Bi-wire, Banana, 2-2.5m (Perth) Price Range: 80-160$ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Pick up Perth PM me what you got. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Woah, dont do it to me. haha Buy with confidence, great seller.
  11. Depends who you ask, some prefer local warranty for that extra $. To me, it is better deal. Also to note should you get it from EU Rene mentioned there was 7 week leadtime if you go with postal NL due to covid. Ill be comparing this RME to Fein II, Node 2i and looking at getting few others. Would love to see how dCS compares to these lol. Should have RME by friday Potentially it might have this up for sale 🤔
  12. Just for anyone wanting to order from EU. Border Charges/Fees applicable: Duty $0 GST $136.02 Entry fee $88.00 TOTAL PAYABLE $224.02 Outch.
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