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  1. Thomas did say he will make a video on the R8 tube rolling. Hopefully he'll bring his friends along. One of them bought a lot of tubes to roll. Was reading through some of the comments and Thomas tested the shuguang from Chinahifi.. I think he said something about clarity and sparkle. I forgot. But having done so myself switching from the stock 6SL7 to the shuguang, i felt it was more sensitive, more natural mid range and really good for vocals. With the KT88 and the shuguang, the bass was a bit boomy and a bit wide and muddy. Switch to EL34, the stage shrank a bit and everything
  2. I'm pretty there already. Just seeing what else Thomas will recommend. I noticed he showed the Shuguang 6SL7 in the video. i wonder if its a sign of things to come. My priority now is a pre-loved Klipsch. Sonus Faber are great but I realise its not that great for music that has urgency. Ya.. he didn't mention or showed your diagrams. I was expecting some reference to you whenever he mentioned a subscriber. Would be nice. But I think we learnt more about the R8 in your journey tearing apart the system than his review. So thanks for your sharing and importantly, startin
  3. Oh yes.. I remember that. There was a video or a photo showing the different tubes one of them had purchased. It is fun.. esp if you want to shape the sound.
  4. Thanks @echorec for sharing the link. A pleasant surprise this morning. Nice review with his signature stories and weird analogies. While a bit disappointing that he didn't discuss tube rolling in this video but great that he's generous enough to make a separate video on it. He even spoke about the preamp bypass which @Atmaj highlighted. I took the plunge 2 weeks ago and purchased some tungsols. for the pretubes. Very big difference switching between the standard 6SL7s, shuguangs and tungsols. The difference can be further tuned with the KT88 and EL34s. T
  5. Thanks @F_Fabio and welcome. Interesting to hear about the issue with the wiring. Can't say I have a problem with the imbalance but I had to experiment coz my speakers are 6 ohms. Folks say to play around the 4 and 8 ohm outputs and see which sounded better. I'm now on the 4 ohm output and I recalled the 8ohm output sounded softer and the soundstage was smaller. Hopefully your advice can help solve the imbalance others are facing.
  6. I recall reading somewhere that the head rest portions of high back chairs will reflect bits of sound, which are more pronounced when you lean back.
  7. I hear what you're saying. And have encountered the same thing. He is usually responsive to emails but there will be periods of silence esp if the diagnosis is already done. He might have already sent out the part. I'm guessing a lot of things are going through him and there's many of us. I sometimes get the feeling he's trying to catch up coz there were some confusion in his email reply to me. Sometimes he will email in the wee hours of the morning and weekends. I think he's doing what he can. Guessing everyone would appreciate the customer offering help but it might then mean an
  8. Hahahaha No need to see a nose specialist but our house pets were so intrigued with the smell that they kept sniffing the amp and the tubes (when they're not on). Think they were getting a bit high. Its great that this thread is now 5 pages!! Well done @Atmaj!! My humming 6SL7 tubes are finally resolved. Originally China HiFi sent replacements but they hummed at both speakers rather than just the right side. I just resigned myself and today a package came from China with another set of 6SL7s!! The missus was like.. what did you buy again?? Hooked them up a
  9. Congrats on your purchase!! I was also impressed with the packaging, esp the foam cut out that fits all the tubes snugly. But man.. that smell was insane. I had to put the box and all its trimmings in the sideyard and the machine had enough juice to perfume the room for the next few days. Having that tube database is a good idea.
  10. I've got a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos and they are about 1.5 ft from the wall. They used to be about 1ft but I also have another speaker that is rear ported, so I pushed the speakers outward into the room. I think one issue is the strange sensation when you have the singer 'appearing' from behind the speakers but then you visually see a wall in front of you or in my case.. curtains. The brain goes .. huh?
  11. Have a smallish room as well. Went for a front ported speakers and I consciously went for warm and non-fatiguing sounding gear. I sit either nearfield so the room doesn't really factor in or about 5 ft from the speakers. I noticed sitting at the other end of the room or more than 6ft away, the music gets a bit icky... Not sure if that's the best way to go but seemed to work for me.
  12. Folks above said it. With COVID19, I can't go into the store. Next best thing is call up and enquire. Politely ask if they can give you a better deal. I won't recommend that you simply click purchase on the website and check out. If the store is willing, they will send you an invoice via email with the discounted price. Then transact from there. Good luck. I got a CXA81 and its awesome.
  13. Yes, I believe you're right. On stock 6SL7, I hear a buzz/hiss when I put my ear near the mid woofer. When I rolled to a shuguang 6SL7, the sound went from a buzz/hiss to a hum. I barely hear the sound when I listen nearfield. Moving back a couple of feet, I can't hear either noises
  14. If you're mainly streaming spotify, I would think the devices that make a difference will be those after the streamer. I'm sure others will disagree but I don't think the streamer means much if its spotify. And I'm not dissing spotify coz I'm a spotify user and I like it. If you like the connect, then get stuff after that. A good integrated will do the job. Of course, it depends on your taste and how demanding you are. I think getting separates allow you to shape your music or compensate if that's how you want to play the game.
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