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  1. I have just moved up to a W5700, (from a W2700), and have noticed the iris noise, though I didn't with the W2700 - probably as that made more of a racket in general! As per above, I have now switched off the dynamic iris - sorted.
  2. Was looking at upgrading to a 75/85" TV but going with a projector instead came up, so I have - my first one. Have decided on, and bought, a BenQ W2700, (was that or an Epson TW7100), a ceiling mount, 10m HDMI fibre optic cable, and a 110" fixed screen. At the moment it is all still in its boxes waiting on cable runs up in to the roof, so any do's/don'ts and general advice for the installation and setting up!?
  3. That is not a Muppet, that is Zippy, from a UK kids TV show. (but having said that I have been called a muppet in the past!)
  4. Haha, yep, that'll be me Benje 😄
  5. Have edited the OP including that info.
  6. Hi all, just joined the group, mainly looking for reviews along with projector and screen, (first time projector user, replacing my trusty Panasonic plasma) Current set-up: General lounge: Samsung 65" NU8000, Sony STR-DH790 Rx, 7.1 Dali speakers, 2x Concept 6, 1x Concept Centre, 4x Concept 1, Basis 100 Sub, PS4, Foxtel iQ4. Movie lounge: 60" Panasonic P60ST60 Plasma TV, Yamaha rx-V583 Rx, Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray, 7.1 speakers, Dali AXS5000, AXS1000, AXS Centre, Trio Active Sub, (soon to be x2), Klipsch S-10, (or 20's!?) as rears. The 'movie' ro
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