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  1. I am listening to the 2016 reissue if Animals right now. Very happy with it. Side 2 was a bit noisy the first couple of times I spun it but after a clean, it sounds perfect now. Just a heads up for anyone who purchases a fresh one and finds it a bit off.
  2. Looks like Dan is becoming the journey man he was always destined to be. A shame really, would have been interesting to see what he could have done in the Red Bull back in the day if he got there a year or two earlier. He’s 30 years old. Now that Ferrari has passed him over, unfortunately he will likely just knock around in the mid field for another 5 or 6 years before dropping out altogether.
  3. Couldn’t find much info out there on how the Aussie pressings compared to the Uk? Does anyone have multiple copies from different regions that can comment? Also interested to learn how they stack up vs the 2016 reissues?
  4. Thanks Bill. Well, this is post no 2 I guess lol. j/k I don’t even really want access to the classifieds...no, really...
  5. Have been buying vinyl records sporadically for the past 20 years but only just got around to buying my first turn table. Picked up a Project carbon fibre debut, Cambridge audio sr20 amp and a set of Richter wizard s6 speakers. Sounds good to my virgin ears...
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