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  1. These look lovely. Not sure if they'd match with Laphroaig? 😉 GLWS.
  2. Thinking cap is well and truly on.
  3. Great price. If it was in Sydney I would snap this up. As far as I know the only real difference between 8006 and 8005 is the phono stage.
  4. And by way of final report 2 premiers worked out nicely. Harsh edges and trade offs much reduced.
  5. Hi Harry, I'm not much ahead of you in the hifi journey tbh, but I have adopted a buy to try approach with mainly second hand items over the last couple of years. It has allowed me to discover more about the variety of sounds hifi components can make and the ways they match with each other. Both are crucial because just like you might take sugar in your cuppa and I don't, preferred sounds are a matter of taste, and you never know how something will sound with your other components in your listening room until it's played with your other components in your listening room. If something isn't a fit I sell it on for a bit less than I paid for it, and this is the price of the hobby. I'll add my tuppence on cables. The biggest sonic bang for buck I've experienced so far has been with power cables. Putting decent cables on my dac and amp transformed my system. That's something you can play about with in future. Guy
  6. I'll certainly be testing that one, but feel it is only right to compare to a range of other alcoholic beverages 😆 My update is I bought an Isotek Initium to go with the Premier I already had. Interestingly while the premier on my amp (Rega Elex-R) and stock cable on my Northstar Dac made a big improvement in opening the sound up, adding the Initium hasn't worked for me. Putting the Initium on the Dac made the sound more revealing but at the cost of emphasising a tendency towards treble harshness in my system. Premier on Dac and Initium on amp deals with the harshness, but at some cost to the rhythm and musicality I love in the Elex-R. It's just a bit flat, beige and too well behaved. So stock on Dac and premier on amp is the best sound for me so far. Who knows why? At least I have a retailer who accepts returns, so the next logical step is to try two premiers.
  7. Didn't know about the price hike Fortmont. I'm checking out the entry level Intinium next and my ears will be judge and jury.
  8. Yes, I find this intriguing. I have noticed a difference myself, but I wouldn't know why. Initially I thought power stuff was just for high end, but the sales guy reckoned because high end components already had better power supplies, the more significant gains per buck are to be found in lesser gear. I'm sure that's just another opinion, but it did get me curious.
  9. I bought a new amp a few months ago and during the demo the sales guy compared 2 Isotek power cables with the stock one. There was a noticeable positive difference with both Isoteks. But I thought I should research this first as it was an upselling situation. I went back and later bought an Isotek EVO3 Premier with pleasing results at home. I'm now thinking to go back and buy one of the cheaper Isotek Intiniums to try on my DAC. And then swap the two cables around between DAC and amp just to see if that makes a difference. I'm mainly streaming Spotify high quality from a Macbook Pro into the DAC via the Mac's optical audio out, so my main question is whether upgrading the DAC cable can be expected to make much further improvement seeing as I can't do much about the Macbook pro cable. I'm thinking of trying just the entry level Intinium for the DAC not the next step up to Premier. The retailer will allow me to return if I hear no improvement, but I'd be curious on thoughts anyone has in advance. Cheers.
  10. Unfortunately the previous owner (audiophile/musician) binned the box on the basis these were the best speakers he ever owned and he'd be keeping them for sure. Then Covid life change planted him behind a home office desk where he needed nearfield speakers. If anyone really wants to consider shipping at their own risk and can give me some specs they want packing done to I am happy to look into it.
  11. Thanks guys. Apparently me and the next owner can brag we had speakers that share drivers with the Wilson Wamms...
  12. Further information: These speakers were purchased new from Greg Osborn in Feb 2020. In May I bought them from the original buyer (who bought a different pair of Osbornes due to change of listening situation). The Titans are wonderful speakers. As someone fairly new to hifi they introduced me to audiophile quality and I had many a goosebump listening to them. However, going by Greg’s advice, I don't believe I can get the most from them in my small cluttered listening space (bedroom used as media/music room) where I also have to position them on the long wall. They need a moderate sized room or above to breathe. And while my eye was caught by the stunning value, my other components are not yet near the level where I can realise their potential, so I think they are better off with someone who can. I will play around with other options for now. Check out Greg’s website for info. I also have available the 3m Osborn cables for biwiring them. No box, printed manual included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Thanks Bill. I already learned a lot from here because stereonet pages always came high on my google searches. Now I'll make it official. Can't wait to be able to access the classifieds.
  14. Welcome, from another noob.
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