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  1. Yeah, if you swap the tube and it follows then nothing to worry as the filament might be bit more exposed than other tubes hence it is brighter. But if does not and the location is making filament brighter then you have issue of heater voltage on that tube (which I can't imagine of as there is only one source for all 4 power tubes)
  2. I don't think there is an issue. Must be wrong interpretation of the manual. Note that those manuals are originally written in Chinese and then translated to English. As long as the load (speakers) is connected to amp, it is not different to the state when it is playing music.
  3. I too somewhat agree to @muon*. Also adding 0.01uf silver mica in parallel to PIO would end up like having a stock polypropylene caps. 0.01uf will block low frequencies but will pass mids and highs, 0.22uf PIO will pass on all frequencies and at output of both caps, it will end up with little bit boosted mids and highs.
  4. Need to try out. but is it 0.01uf or 0.1uf? the link you mentioned is for 0.1uf.
  5. Guys, first of all my sincere apologies for the delay in posting this review of Miflex Caps. Was going too busy with work with last couple of months. Thanks to @muon* for the suggestion and all his help in the process of replacing the caps. These caps are extremely natural sounding and changed the amp from musical to Audiophile one. If you like natural sound then these caps are must. I played with them a lot, had a good brake in period and pretty happy with it. The sound is not at all fatiguing. I can listen to amp for hours now. It has rolled some of Highs but it is more natural n
  6. These are silver dome. Mine is side gator. These are supposed to be better than side gator one.
  7. R8 has potted transformers so the outer casing takes time to warm up as well as cool down. I don't have any reason for this but I have noticed that with use, the warming up of power transformer has gone down a bit. Paint smell is very normal and will go off in few days.
  8. @xlr8or explained it correctly. Just make sure that your bias is set properly and enjoy the amp. It is normal that power trannies goes warm.
  9. Yeah, same experience with me. After listening to 6CA7 for few weeks I installed KT88 to see how different it sounds and felt the same thing. Put back 6CA7 within half an hour.
  10. I have replaced Miflex caps in my amp. Currently breaking in and still need to add some resistors and shielding for the protection. Million thanks to @muon* for his great and thorough support in doing this. Will post pictures and review once it is completely done. Watch this space 😉
  11. MIFLIEX caps arrived today with UPS express post. Gosh... they are big and heavy. Won't be able to fit on pcb for sure, will have to do some inventions for installing these.
  12. I checked the website and this amp has everything "auto", lots of microprocessor controlled stuff, can switch between Class A and Class AB (which is a nice feature though). Complex PCB and layout where turing around the PCB itself will be tricky task. Runs only on KT88 family so you loose all the mids magic of EL34 family. If something goes wrong with this amp, it will be difficult to repair or may have to replace the whole pcb if control circuit has a fault. Lots of SMD components are there. Sorry but not for me. I would love point to point wired amp and some flexibil
  13. Very true. It is a 2 sided pcb (PTH) hence will be more difficult to work with. All the cables are soldered on the pcb rather than having connectors. It will be a risky task of upgrading caps on this for sure.
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