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  1. MIFLIEX caps arrived today with UPS express post. Gosh... they are big and heavy. Won't be able to fit on pcb for sure, will have to do some inventions for installing these.
  2. I checked the website and this amp has everything "auto", lots of microprocessor controlled stuff, can switch between Class A and Class AB (which is a nice feature though). Complex PCB and layout where turing around the PCB itself will be tricky task. Runs only on KT88 family so you loose all the mids magic of EL34 family. If something goes wrong with this amp, it will be difficult to repair or may have to replace the whole pcb if control circuit has a fault. Lots of SMD components are there. Sorry but not for me. I would love point to point wired amp and some flexibil
  3. Very true. It is a 2 sided pcb (PTH) hence will be more difficult to work with. All the cables are soldered on the pcb rather than having connectors. It will be a risky task of upgrading caps on this for sure.
  4. I am using Sylvania 6SL7 GT side gator which has clear top and gray side glass. Prior to this, I tried PHILIPS ECG 5691 JAN as well. This tube was also good but it was missing dynamics, everything was compressed. Sylvania has a great balance, cleanliness and slightly rolled off but sparkle at the top end. TS 6SU7WGT is also a great tube but it has more focused mids (bit higher mids) than Sylvania hence I did not like. Again, everything depends upon what other tubes you have in your amp, what speakers you have and most importantly your own preference. If you are a mid lo
  5. Yup, breaking in applies to caps as well. Specifically PIO would take bit longer.
  6. I trust Queenslanders 🙂 and just placed order for 4 caps with express shipping
  7. @muon* Do you reckon to replace only coupling caps or Grid leak one shall also be replaced with your experience?
  8. I think caps will fit on the pcb itself. Only thing is one lead will have to be taken down from below cap to pcb and caps needs to be glued to pcb. Thanks for suggesting these good and reasonably priced caps.
  9. Those are the coupling caps, total 4 for each tube. There is also one 0.33uf grid leak (bypass) cap in phase splitter. Space is not the problem as if it does not fit on the pcb, can be installed on chassis and wired up to pcb. With that amount, I am happy to give it a try 😉. Mudorf EVO oil are cheap but only 450V and Supreme oil are about $70 each on Soundlabs.
  10. Yeah, my observation with TR/UL mode is exactly same as yours. UL is too forward and gain in upper mid bit too much. I prefer TR mode all the time as it is more natural sounding and softer too.
  11. You encourages me to go for it 😉. I somewhat agree with you. It makes difference in some amp and not in others and also depends upon the existing caps. The main problem is that those caps like Mundorf silver oil are pretty expensive to try. Not as easy as NOS tubes to sell again if no difference found so it is a risk of about $350. I can take a risk of trying with Mundorf EVO oil caps as they are cheaper but again comes back to same dilemma that even if there is a difference, it will not be noticeable as existing caps are not bad (not oil caps though but good quality
  12. I only have 6SL7 as NOS, 6SN7 are new Tung Sol and power tubes are new 6CA7 EH so picture is not worth enough 🤣 I tried NOS Tung Sol 6SU7 WGT and found out to be much brighter then Sylvania 6SL7 so sold those off. Sylvania 6SL7 are very well balanced, sweet sounding tubes.
  13. Probably I wouldn't bother. Caps are like cables, bad caps and bad cables can deteriorate the sound but once at a standard level, any further better quality won't affect anything. R8 already seems to have good quality caps. I have changed on my previous amp Yaqin and it made a small difference but those stock caps were pretty ordinary. This is my opinion being more a technical person than an audiophile 😉
  14. I have done plenty of tube rolling including new and NOS and I think I am done with it 🙃 It was a bit disappointing that Thomas did not use the snaps I sent him. He liked this post and said that he may use in his video.
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