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  1. I recommend Shannons for house insurance. They will cover you for amount you agree on. It will cost you more but at least you are covered. They have been good to me so far. I've got a good policy that covers accidental damage too. If one of my kids damage some stereo gear that is covered as well. Before that I just signed up to whoever was the cheapest and when I needed to make a claim of course they refused to pay.
  2. I got a rxv1085 on special. It's more then what I need but when a few features I wanted kind of forced me to move up to this model. I really like the Yamaha GUI and I'm used to it so decided to stick with it. I wanted preouts and I wanted more then one AV in. I also wanted the ability to run a second zone. If I could have these features in the 780 that's what I would have bought. In my case it would have been a case of buy cheap buy twice.
  3. Great idea. Once spray paint starts to chip or scratch it will look terrible.
  4. How much does this thing weight? Thinking about what postage would cost.
  5. How would you go about this? I would consider removing it and taking it somewhere to get done. I wouldn't be game enough to take a spray can to a nice piece of equipment like this.
  6. So for bi amping does the power have to match or be close? Because a lot of class D amps are very powerful
  7. Is there a risk of electric shock even if it's unplugged? If I lose the amp then I'm in the same position as when I started so nothing really lost.
  8. Where is that? Someone should take some pics. I'm keen to open it up and clean it myself but I'll need some guidance.
  9. Seems like a common problem. So is it the terminal that gets dirty or something inside the amp?
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