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  1. It's ridiculous to have to have a flattening machine though. It's disappointing really, that it's become the norm.
  2. According to this website only Vudu offers it via chromecast ultra. You could probably get other apps to stream atmos, but not netflix, itunes and prime. So I don't know how (if?) you actually did. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-stream-dolby-atmos-from-netflix-itunes-vudu-and-amazon/ I originally bought a Chromecast for a cheap way to stream kayo and view pics etc. on phone or ipad, on my TV. The cost of Apple TV 4K was prohibiting. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". The experience was horrible tbh. The fact it relies on apps on your dev
  3. Download the app and look through the titles. If you see my earlier post in here, I did just that, and found that almost all Apple TV+ titles have atmos. Like you say, some movies that have atmos sound on disc, don't necessarily have it on streams. Iirc, Star Wars didn't. I rented the last episode on Apple TV and was hoping that it had atmos, being made for it with spaceships flying etc. but it makes sense that the studio wouldn't allow it to be exactly like the disc, or they wouldn't sell as many. Since Apple produced content can be made however they like, they can do atmos for ever
  4. I'll check next time I'm on there mate. Just watching the last few episodes I haven't seen of Britannia now, as it's my last day with Foxtel. Yep. The good thing with Apple TV 4K, is you get the best quality possible. If it says atmos, you get atmos. It also does HDR and up to 4:4:4 colour, but it is picky about which cable to enable that. Ime getting anything to output 4:4:4 is problematic anyway. You can set the A TV to match frame rate and resolution (I think) to your display anyway. Because you have hardware providing the source, I imagine it's much more reliable than say
  5. That's an extra 2 or 3 bucks extra per month on Netflix. A no brainer for me wanting to watch in 4K. I cannot remember if they have atmos though. Apple TV+ does though. Dunno if it's extra as I've never paid, since I got it with my Apple TV 4K. Hmm that reminds me, I've probably had it for almost a year. I'll have to start paying for it, but will happily do so. It's getting better all the time. I just had a quick look and heaps of stuff has atmos (dolby vision too). I thought it was mainly rentals or purchases, but even series like Morning Wars and their new show Tehran has atmos 👍 as do many
  6. First of 3xLP in a double gatefold sleeve, in gorgeous tiger's eye 🤯 Coheed and Cambria - Unheavenly Creatures
  7. There's plenty of threads about what everyone is listening to, but how about finding new music through recommendations? How about making it a game? Suggestions welcome, but we could do something like, my recommendation is: Band/artist Genre and style Active period What I like about them Then the next person recommends an artist starting with the last letter (suggestion for something better?) and it cannot be the same genre. Any interest in this folks/
  8. It was and still is one of the most functional forums I've used (and I've used many). Unread content is good, popular topics also. The new behaviour setting = love! Before that setting, you automatically went to the lastseen comments right? So the new setting gives you a choice which is good.
  9. Complaining about a $2 increase to a total of $15.99 and later talking about $50/month?! This makes no sense. I just canceled my foxtel which is almost exactly as the OP described, i.e: $49/month and I liked about 3 shows. For the cost, Netflix is much better value. A few years ago I thought it had crap content, but they've improved dramatically and I watch it often now. Definitely worth paying a bit extra for them to produce more of this quality content. As said Prime represents great value too. Apple TV+ continues to produce more/better content and is free
  10. Has anyone ordered from kaleidosmoker on discogs? They've got an intriguing variety. They're in Greece, where many other people sell cool music. Never would've imagined that.
  11. CDs are only good for their convenience (don't have to worry about flipping and can play in the car) and low cost. To me there is a richness to vinyl that CDs can't really match, but they're inconvenient, are easily damaged and cost a lot more. I love the look of vinyl (especially coloured) and large format artwork too, but I must admit, I don't spend much time admiring it. As for CDs being much cheaper, I've had a bit of a look today and am surprised that they're still quite expensive for new. Over $20, sometimes closer to $30 for new and not bery old titles. I used to buy a lot o
  12. I'll add them to my other thread which is focused on record store recommendations 👍
  13. I'll kick it off with an actual recommendation... www.artistfirst.com.au Buy direct? from a large variety of artists and indie labels. Mainly garage, punk, metal. Best pricing you'll find with plenty of bargain 'sale' items. Much vinyl but they sell merch in general.
  14. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but didn't know where better to put it. I've searched but didn't find a thorough list of vinyl providores. Doing a google search you'll find some decent options, but I want to know what you guys recommend. Add stores with some brief comments, e.g: Valencia orange Records - Good selection, high prices but always excellent quality. Ships in good time.
  15. Ditto John. I believe it's more than just the cost of production etc. Labels are simply cashing in on the hype. In saying that, some labels are more reasonably priced, e.g: Epitaph. Their stuff is usually around $30-35. I've also been thinking about buying more CDs. Since getting back into audiophilia, I have a very good CD player now (along with amp etc.) and I've enjoyed playing some old favourites on this improved gear. But I'm getting bored of my collection and wanting new tunes, but not sure (besides JB) where is a food place to buy CDs. I've looked on ebay and Amazon, but don't
  16. Think I've browsed all but The Searchers. I've had too many damaged records from JB recently, so I think if I do buy from them it will only be in store. With the cost of postage it makes the 2.5 hour round trip to my closest store not much difference than paying to send them anyway. Looking through them is part of the fun too.
  17. Name and fame! I'd like to have more options if I do continue to collect.
  18. Interesting responses. Thanks folks. I suppose I have gotten more concerned with condition since getting older. I started buying records in the early 90s and don't remember paying much attention to any of that. It was buy a record, take home and play. There wasn't even any thought of sound quality. But when you're in your teens to early adulthood, worries are far fewer so... I bought most of my records (being into rap at the time) from Central Station Records in Sydney back in the day @aussievintage and iirc, they allowed us to play whatever. I seem to remember liking the
  19. ...When it often has a fault? I have enjoyed buying and playing vinyl for many years but am seriously considering quitting. I'm so sick of buying records only for the sleeve/s to be damaged, or worse, the vinyl itself. Out of the ~10 records I've bought this year, 6 or 7 have had a moderate problem on arrival. I am a perfectionist but try to ignore minor stuff because it's unrealistic that it's going to be shipped and arrive in perfect condition. So if there's minimal corner damage, or a small crease, I'll let it go, but I still don't like it. As we all know record conditi
  20. I don't watch Fallon's show, just the odd clip on youtube. Much prefer Conan. Started watching a new show on Netflix - Space Force. Written by and starring Steve Carell, he plays a general, recently awarded a fourth star and chosen as the leader of a new military arm of the U.S DoD. John Malkovich also stars, and Lisa Kudrow plays Carell's wife. Fred Willard (Carell's dad) and Jane Lynch (Head of Navy) are good in it. Carell is funnier than ever, and his relationship with Malkovich is hilarious. The latter plays the head scientist of the launch mission to get the Space Fo
  21. Rearranged my stereo/home theatre lounge room, so I could try ht bypass with my newly acquired I32. Wish I had of known about ht bypass before, but it was a happy accident that I bought the I32 for other reasons and it just happened to have that feature. Seeing as my dwelling is small and the lounge room has been shrunken more with my new stereo setup, I doubt I'll change this setup. I really want to declutter. AVR is in that spot only until I'm happy I've finished with connections, as it's a pain to take it out and in of cubby hole.
  22. I'm interested and will PM the seller, but Does anyone know if these are the same as the black mesh oval 9? From a brief search it seems like the earlier version with clear insulation instead of black mesh, but I'm not sure. Have these been used @Linc1976 ? Just wondering re: burn in.
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