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  1. My room is untreated, but contains heaps of furniture and crap lol. My system is not exactly high end but both tracks sound crisp and dynamic. Letter swings between channels. I’m not into the doof doof but enjoying this mushroom song 😎 the start of it was in front of left channel, and the rest central, but I’m sitting as an acute angle with left balance at +2.5. That being said, it’s normal for the sound to be coming from the centre with this scenario. The start of the song was magic though.
  2. My stands are planned to be around 200mm off the ground at highest point with angled top board. Admittedly, this idea was just based on seeing some larger stand mount speakers in that orientation and eye balling the line from tweeter to ear. I can’t do taller stand mounts because of the room configuration.
  3. Thanks. If I was starting from scratch, I’d probably do a rack style, but this allows for record storage, which was a priority. I also didn’t want it too high, hence blocking more of the view. I plan on getting some of those anti-vibration pads, but was thinking of either placing the speakers on a hardwood board with speaker spikes and turning some wooden pucks for the same purpose of isolating components. I love the look of the spikes, but do the pads do a better job? I’ve also started making some floor stands which is ideal, because where I like to sit is far from ideal in relation to the current speaker location.
  4. Now listening to & loving this. Killing Moon from Donnie Darko (which is a fav movie of mine) lead me to buy the CD.
  5. Yes it is weird. I’ve bought and sold a few things on eBay over many years and the feedback system is strongly encouraged there, so it’s standard practice for me.
  6. Well from all the research I’ve done on various projectors, 4K/E isn’t as important to me as black levels, contrast and brightness. That being said I haven’t seen any video of the picture from 8200, but have for the 9300 and think it looks very good. I watched a comparison of 93/9400 and it wasn’t in English so I’m not sure which image was from which pj but there wasn’t a major difference in PQ to me and sometimes I preferred one over the other, but hard to judge when I couldn’t understand the bloke. One had a bit more natural color and slightly better tonal gradient perhaps. That one is only pick-up anyway, so I’d have to see it in person. Yes true, it’s hard to judge without seeing them all, which is nigh on impossible when some of older models. Anyway thanks for your advice.
  7. Ok. I understand that. It means 4K UHD discs won’t play or be optimal. That’s definitely a concern. I hadn’t seen any mention of that, just the other features and have watched reviews and the PQ looks good to me. I have since found a used TW-8200 for asking price of $1500, but an even older model that will (presumably) have lower spec HDMI and visual ability. It’s all about how much bang for buck really.
  8. How about I just listen to all their albums?! Haha.. If I like it enough, I can buy a CD or LP.
  9. I’m confused by your first statement. So you’re saying for $3k the 9300 is NOT a good buy? Please also elaborate on “not even a full bandwidth hdmi”. I wasn’t looking for a projector since realizing (Thanks to advice from SNAers) that my $2k budget wasn’t going to get me much. I just happened upon this ex-demo model and I don’t know if the store is shonky, but they are a large premium Hi-Fi store who’s website I was purposely browsing.
  10. Keen to check out Kid A. I have The Bends on CD. Is “ok not ok” an album or a statement? lol
  11. Can you be more specific? I live in the bush. Physically going to stores where projectors are sold isn’t really feasible, hence I am going off prices I’ve found online. Even if I were to find one for $3500, it’s still $500 more than this 9300.
  12. Hey guys, I have been checking the Epson clearance store as often as I can remember to, which is less and less since I never see any 7400 or 9400 in there. I just discovered an ex-demo 9300 for $3k elsewhere. I know it’s not as good as the 9400, but is the latter worth an extra $1400 or so, because the cheapest I’ve seen the 9400 is ~$4400. Seems like a good deal to me from the quick read I’ve had here.
  13. Never been a big fan of Radiohead but listening to this earlier makes me want to hear more than the few albums I have. Through a good stereo I appreciate it more.
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