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  1. Nah. If I was in the vicinity I would have maybe have asked to see in person. I'm hesitant to buy old speakers as I have some that have similar age related issues.
  2. Interested but concerned about what looks like mold or corrosion on some woofers.
  3. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Straight to You: Live Never been into this sort of music (blues rock?) but gave this a spin and am thoroughly enjoying it. Excellent guitar licks and other instruments. Very dynamic.
  4. Just looking at @PKK 's buys and ok, I do get why 3D is dying. Most of the titles are terrible movies! Haha.
  5. Weird that a search for '3D' doesn't return any results. Maybe because the d was lower case? Anyway, I Watched Doctor Strange 3D last night on the big screen and it was awesome! Some epic 3D moments and some gorgeous visual effects. I was actually going to watch in 2D, but the disc is 3D only, so I had to find my glasses but am glad. I really don't get 3D being out of fashion. It makes watching many movies that much more of an event.
  6. This is one of many albums I currently have in my JB cart. I don't think I'll end up buying them all, let alone any at all, but there's always Tidal et al. Never heard this album before. I only know RATM for their "hits". It's pretty enjoyable though. I once saw Zack's other band One Day As a Lion, at BDO, which was great.
  7. Not an album per se, but similar. Listening to the masters track radio "station" 'in the air tonight', which is pretty good. Live recordings of Phil Collins, Toto, Moody Blues, Doobies, Sting, Bowie, Lionel et al.
  8. According to ozbargainers, very unlikely. Some have bought using the TCN cards, then returned the goods for JB gift cards. Another important point I just discovered, with the music sale at JB ending on the 29th, be aware that if you can even find these Him cards (apparently being sold out some places), people are reporting it can take up to 24 hours for the balance to be loaded, so if you didn't get them soon enough, you won't be able to add the discountonto the current 20% off music sale.
  9. Thorough explanation here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582451 Edit: @Probbo already linked, but if you check the link I posted, apparently there have been issues getting the discount applied. I'd be all over it if you could buy them online, but afaik it's only physical cards. My nearest Coles is a fair drive away, so it doesn't make it as attractive.
  10. To be clear, unless Coles also have 15% JB gift cards, it's actually the HIM one you can use at JB, and they are definitely discounted at Coles currently.
  11. Try this link... I tried to shorten it, but was unsuccessful. It seems to work at least. https://ablink.email.tidal.com/ls/click?upn=Wu9z1zaQ1PU5O1C-2BMfQu36cPL4IGaSWDcxuaWAZfzjeLFQYtdRfJqmTWrG7Cop56ztzT82R5kL20dKQJ-2BSz2SJTx-2Ba4hNVj5Z6WixGk1zwM-3D0DUB_UwZJVysHZFEpVuf0gJbh5wCIXSA5AQ7lGvEhdNYdMldROne3xqtCSxdzxWRLaxy3LxH8cAIn9KJHWMFar3Ol-2F6JYB8idol8aCyBifAL-2BVcZSzztqiiRpf87Y0mntdhw6fmWlGgH0H9TnjnEEJnaOjqgsamOByTaNLLMQXS8GuUsvZnOy4CruUFkQ-2BRJAq95tsg1gbzPgvPsJRBh1sFypT5-2F9yPX5F2-2FDzRSIfSxB54vi8lJPL9rQe4Rg0W3L1vTCI-2Fd29HpCY0pGWDXhrAMWqKFxqbur31RhXh2ItVErWMYIvp376rJTAkdu-2FCWSOlYf
  12. Same here. Yeahhhh baby 😎 I currently have Apple & Amazon Music but miss Tidal Hifi quality. For 2 bucks, it's a no-brainer. I just realised it's not $2/month like I thought initially. It's 50c/month yewwww. P.S: It says in the email that the onoy way to redeem is by clicking the link in email, so those who didn't get it, might be out of luck. Maybe if the email was forwarded to you, but if the link has been used already, it may not work. I really don't know.
  13. Thanks to all for this thread and @eyeofnewt for linking it. Very timely, as I was listening to some older vinyl of mine yesterday and there were some very noisy records. AND I happen to live in a tiny town, but have a variety store that sells Mont Marte products. I'll be surprised if they don't have the glue.
  14. Watching Blinded by the Light right now and I'm enjoying it more than I expected. It's about a Pakistani-Brit, who discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen and it helps him overcome his confidence and other issues, many that Pakistanis faced in 1980s England. It also appeals to him, as he is a budding writer. It's a bit predictable and generic, but still pretty good. It's given me a new appreciation of Springsteen too, who I've only ever had a passing interest in prior to this. It makes me want to listen to more of his work.
  15. Earlier... The Smiths - How Soon Is Now 7" single ...and playing now.. Tears For Fears - The Hurting I want to get a better copy of this, as I really like it. This record has some curled edge, but surprisingly plays and sounds well, even from the first track!
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