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  1. Trust me, from someone who has only just dipped his toe in the projector pool, even a mid tier Epson TW7100 has amazing PQ for the price. I haven't looked at TVs for a couple of years, but doubt any sub $2k TV would be better. Also, you'd be lucky to even get an 85" for that, and the projector can go way bigger than 85". Even for the price of a decent 85" TV, you could get the much lauded Epson TW9400 with better black levels and contrast and some convenient features like auto lens shift. Personally I still watch my 75" TV for most viewing. I wouldn't bother using the pj in the day. To me that is the only downside of projectors. The darker the ambient light, the better with a pj, but mine is in a room with white ceiling and still looks good. In av dedicated room it makes sense to have dark walls and ceiling, but mine is in a multi-use room. Finally, if I knew how good projectors were a couple of years ago when I bought my 4K TV, I probably would've got a pj instead, although they probably didn't have e-shift back then.
  2. God knows how, but it's not unusual for award winners to be garbage. There's a great deal that have canned JR like me too.
  3. It's baffling to me how people can give JR such glowing reviews. I don't turn off movies that I've payed for (a rental in this case) very often, but I really liked very little about this movie and couldn't stand watching a second more. Probably the titular character was the only redeeming feature. Even disliked one of my favorite actors (Sam Rockwell) in this rule.
  4. This will be the last Waititi film I watch. I find his stuff boring. Couldn't get into Wilderpeople or most of his stuff. Even What we do in the shadows... I originally saw unknowing what it was, thought the premise was brilliant but have been bored by any episodes I've seen since. I liked the idea of Jojo Rabbit but turned it off halfway through. It was just so uninteresting and not entertaining! Not funny at all. How did this piece of crap get so many plaudits?!
  5. I never met Josef, but bought an amp from Audio Connection. My first and only visit to the store was only a few weeks ago and I must say it's probably the most impressive Hifi store I've seen. They have an incredible range of medium to very high end gear. You could spend hours there. Undoubtedly, a great legacy of the man. R.I.P Josef
  6. I set the volume loud enough to hear the dialogue clearly, which is usually around 75 (dB I guess.... New AVR). Old AVR was usually set around -14.
  7. Another pair I would've been more keen on, if not for the banana bender border policy. As in these... https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/321580-focal-aria-926-speakers/?tab=comments#comment-4606081
  8. How about these? https://www.sightandsoundgalleria.com.au/product/q-acoustics-concept-300-rosewood/ I was tossing up between these and the aforementioned VA Beethoven Baby Grand. Mainly because they seemed like great deals. They actually talked me out of the Concept 300, which has varied reviews. Andrew Robinson raves about them. I like the stands but reckon they'd make vacuuming a pita.
  9. These were the pair I was considering. Still wondering why I didn't choose them (the extra grand was it really) and am very surprised they're still available. A no-brainier if the O.P is in Victoria.
  10. That's good to know but not in a way, because I might actually buy one at launch pricing now 😕 They're acting like the pre-order debacle was an accident, but it's hard to believe it's not part of the supply and demand strategy.
  11. Yeah it's more a case of FOMO than anything else. The reality of the console is like you say, not going to be optimum at launch. Isn't Spider-Man Miles Morales a launch title? Dunno if it uses UE5 though. It looks pretty good regardless. Pre-order PS5s have become available today via Harvey Norman (December delivery) and Big W (launch day) but are gone too. I probably would've preordered from Big W if possible as it's only $50 deposit. Most other places are charging full price which I don't have currently. Probably better off just waiting until next year like you said though.
  12. Pre-orders gone already aye.. I'm a bit surprised they went so quick tbh. I'm considering getting the discless version but have a few questions. Having many PS4 games I'm yet to play, I wonder if they'll be able to be downloaded or will only be playable on the PS4. I doubt you'd be able to download, but I'd be ok going all digital moving forward. The big price difference is attractive too.
  13. That's so cool. I like seeing clever stuff like this. I've actually done a bit of street art myself, but nothing as involved as this.
  14. Further information: Price is negotiable I've had this AVR for just under 2 years and it's served me well. It's had moderate use in that time. It's in 'as new condition'. No marks that I could see. I recently got a 9/11 channel AVR so no longer have a use for this. Remote and microphone for MCACC are included and it will come in original box with manual etc. Specs are here - https://intl.pioneer-audiovisual.com/products/av_receiver/vsx-932/specification.php It can be collected from Blacktown NSW or shipped at buyers cost, which would be between $50-$80 depending on your location. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  15. Not an album (kind of) but listening to the Red Hot Chili Pepper Tidal Masters collection and loving it. Having gotten into RHCP in my youth, I stopped really following them after the 90s, but listening to this reminds me, even though their more recent stuff is more cruisy, there's some great songs too, e.g: Otherside, By The Way, Californication. Probably more my speed these days actually.
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