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  1. What are the speakers at the bottom with a burl look? They're sweet.
  2. Cheers. It's probably not everybody's cup of tea, but I like more daring designs, so it is mine.
  3. Yeah I have Tidal Hifi. Just about to google the issue to see if it's to do with the ATV4K. I tried playing over airplay, but Atmos doesn't show on AVR so it's still in DD mode and when I press info on Onkyo RZ-730, it only shows on lcd, not on TV as it's not video, and doesn't tell you the incoming info. When using Tidal app on ATV4K, and playing one of the Dolby atmos tracks, info says input pcm 2.0, output 7.1.2, so it's upmixing, which is no good. My fronts are sent from avr pre outs, but that shouldn't affect it. According to the info the ATV is sending PCM. I've checked all settings, par
  4. Stuffed if I know how to get atmos music on tidal to output in atmos format! I've got the app on my apple tv 4k, which is connected to my avr via hdmi, and avr out to tv via hdmi, but it says the output is PCM 2.0. Bloody technology grrr. I'm thinking the tv may be the spanner in the works, but it could be my avr, which has caused frustration at times. I'm going to try my usual tidal app on ipad/avr.. a more direct route.
  5. Further information: Hi all, the time has come to sell my beloved Pathos Classic Remix integrated amp, which I bought new only 6-9 months ago. Like the rest of the Pathos' range, it is a unique and striking design, and made in Italy. It's a very solid piece of kit. This is the gloss white version. I'd love to keep it, but need the funds and having 3 integrated amps, I've decided to keep my Primare mainly because it has HT bypass functionality. There isn't much between them audio quality wise. The amp has a pre out, and came fitted with the optional HiDAC,
  6. Hmm, somany options... I'll start with the Bakoon amp-13r. Love the quirky, industrial style, with a touch of class. Most Gryphon stuff looks superb. From the avant garde.. ...to the understated... They look awesome. As a sculptor, I'd be very happy to have designed those.
  7. First spin of this one... The Pixies - Bossanova I've got the Death to the Pixies compilation on CD, (also bought on coloured vinyl, but not played yet) which includes Cecilia Ann, the first track on Bossanova. The drums stood out to me straight away. Perhaps more prominent or defined on this LP?
  8. Bat For Lashes - The Bride on magenta vinyl. Double 45rpm LP. Beautiful sounds. Lovely, pretty and haunting vocals by BFL over cool beats and synths.
  9. Currently streaming this new band's debut lp. They hit the scene last year and are English. Reminiscent of Protomartyr. TV Priest - Uppers
  10. I'll nick one off the net but here ya go... Rega P2 doesn't have one or it's part of the lead. i'll try a different input and amp. I'm worried I might have damaged it now. When I initially turned it on, I got bad cracks and pops that made me worry my speakers would blow! This was when particular settings were selected.
  11. Brand new. The sound is only apparent when the stylus isn't in the groove though, and even when the TT is turned off. It's something to do with the output from phono stage.
  12. The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream
  13. Hi all, I recently set up a new phono stage (Pro-ject DS2) and have a question. Being my first PS that has several input settings, I picked options that sounded best, but probably should've researched beforehand. Anyway, after getting pops and crackle with most settings, it was obvious which ones weren't right. I got it sounding fine, and comparing the example in manual of another MM cart, the Ortofon red, the settings seem correct. My cart is a Rega carbon. So the audio is good, but when there is no music, there's a kind of ticking sound, but more like thuds instead o
  14. Umm... sell your body? Rob a bank? 😂 It's a slippery slope my friend. In my experience, Melbourne isn't cheap when it comes to vinyl, but there was one place it Fitzroy that wasn't too bad. I'll try to figure out what it's called. I visited several in that area when I was there last, and most were too rich for my blood. Also, it's probably been mentioned, but you'll want a dedicated phono stage to boost the signal. Generally, built-in phono stages on amps aren't good and your audio will be muffled. P.S: I have a Rega planar 2 with stock cartridge and it's fi
  15. Just watched Terminator: Dark Fate and thought it was excellent. Writing a story that is somewhat fresh and pays homage to the great Terminator movies, without being tacky, is quite an achievement, and I reckon they've done it. The plot, while having some things in common with the other films, is a good take on the theme and it's a good story in it's own right. Some of the character reveals were brilliant too. I thought all the actors were good to great, some of the action (which there was tons) was incredible, and overall it was really enjoyable. It looks gr
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