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  1. Hi Stephen, I'm keen on the Outkast record please Could you provide a postage quote for Newtown (2042)? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, looks like I found someone selling their YU6s on here fortunately, so happy to save a bit of money to put toward the speaker stands! And yes, I've already started looking at new carts to replace the carbon LOL not sure my wife would understand spending almost the cost of the turntable on a 'needle'!
  3. Hey Crunkin.. I'm in a similar position. I am going for a turntable (just got the Rega Planar 2 in the post: $763 from Carlton Audio Visual delivered!) and am now deciding on some active speakers, preferably with built in pre-amp too. I narrowed down to the Klipsch R-51PM (or41 if I can find some) but they are a bit out of my budget, and Kanto YU4 / YU6. For 2k you should get a decent sounding set up, good luck and welcome!
  4. Welcome, I just joined up again after a long (10ish year) hiatus to records/vinyl/hifi. Nice set up! I just bought a Rega Planar 2 which arrived way quicker than expected, and don't have any speakers. I (well, my wife really) wants to keep clutter to a minimum so I decided on a set up consisting of turntable and 2 active speakers (preferably with built in pre-amp/phono stage). How do you like the Kanto YU4? I am really unsure whether to spend the extra $100 and go the YU6, - I'm trying to fill a 4x6m living room... appreciate your thoughts! My o
  5. Thanks Marc, I tried every email address/combo imaginable in the forgot password function. It was around mid to late 2009, then unforeseen circumstances forced me to sell a lot of stuff including my records/turntable. It's all good, I'm happy to start again
  6. Hi, I had an account here long ago on an old work email that I can't access ;( I'm Ryan, and previously had an old Rega RP1, I just received (via Carlton Audio Visual - thanks!) a brand spanking new Rega Planar 2 (for $763 - absolute bargain imo). I really don't want to go down the amplifier / pre-amp route right now, so I've narrowed down some active speakers with built in pre-amp: Kanto YU4 and YU6, as well as the Klipsh R-51PM (though I don't think my wife will appreciate me going $500 over my budget...). @leon81 I can't access your comment while I am log
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