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  1. Thanks again for your suggestion Peter. Ill def consider moving my couch even if I have to put a fight with my wife. With the in ceiling speaker. Are they better than bookshelf in performance? Also there's not many packages that come with the in ceiling ones. Also I thought the yammy ones are good entry level? As I said I am not really an audio freak, so even a basic set up would sound good to my ears I suppose.
  2. Thanks for your advice Peter. The thing is I have already run the prewiring for 5.1ch (since mine was a custom built double storey where running wire later would be impossible). So i guess ill stick with 5.1 ch set up. I like the idea of in ceiling speaker , but all the packages that I see come with bookshelf sorrounds. So therefore i already bought a heavy duty ceiling mount bracket that can hold upto 10kg. The seating arrangement that you have drawn up was my prefernce, but my wife is bit of a nuisance when it comes to looks over practicality so she wouldnt let me alter the scene.
  3. Hi All, I have recently bought a 75 inch LG UHD 4k TV and trying to marry up an audio system for a decent experience. Budget upto $1.5k. I am been following forums for advice and have been trawling google for good prices on package deals. The following are what I have gathered so far. Being the first time, I am unsure if I should stick to the Option 1) which is cheap/budget and under 1k or if I should stretch a bit more conside others. If others, what would be a good option between 2, 3a/b/c?? Option 1) under 1k : Yamaha Livestage 5400 for
  4. Hi all, I am new to the home theatre systems and set up. So eager to lean and bounce off ideas from fellow members. Regards, Kurshid.
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