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  1. Hi @CyberRampager, no worries - I'll send you a message if I cannot sell it locally. Thanks!
  2. Further information: My Bowers & Wilkins ASW610CM (Piano Black) is now up for sale. I am upgrading my subwoofer to another brand and therefore this will be unused. It works perfectly as new, and I am happy to allow an audition of the subwoofer if needed. Cosmetically it presents in good condition. The top part of the cabinet has some swirl marks from cleaning over the years, but this is only on direct light and does not affect the performance of the sub. All other sides of the subwoofer are in great condition. I am happy to send more photos if required.
  3. @andrewjamesdean I have to +1 all the comments that @Hydrology made about the Hegel. I’ve got the H190 and the Special Fortys and absolutely love the combination. As has been said, the grip and control is fantastic and is probably the standout for me. I think it’ll fit your need for not having anything sounding too cold/analytical. You will be extremely happy with the Hegel I am sure!! Keen to know what you end up choosing!!
  4. Hi fellow SN'ers Up for sale is the Pioneer SC-LX86. Great multi-channel AVR as seen https://www.whathifi.com/au/pioneer/sc-lx86/review Would prefer local sale as I do not have any boxes/packaging - but I if there are requests from Eastern states I can try and find some boxes/adequate protection/packaging to get it across. Shipping will be via Sendle or some other agreed courier, at an agreed cost. Condition wise this AVR is very good aside from some minor marks and has been used for my Home Theatre set up. It was purchased as part of a package from West C
  5. Hi everyone, My first sale post on SN! Up for sale is the Pioneer BDP-LX55 Blu-Ray Player. Have upgraded to a Ultra HD Panasonic UB820 and no longer need this player. It is in very good condition, but has some marks on it (pictured) from the small, metal Digital TV box I had resting on the top. It is in great working condition and I would prefer a local sale (audition possible in Stirling, WA) as I do not currently have the box. If there is interest from over east I can find a box and packaging to put it in and post via Sendle or AusPost at an agreed cost.
  6. Hi Timos, have PM’ed you also re this AVR. Cheers.
  7. Hi everyone! new on my hifi journey and would love to learn more from you all and hopefully one day contribute!!
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