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  1. Thanks haygeebaby - appreciate the comments. Yes I've seen the Streaky review and just about every other video I could find on YouTube. If perfected... I don't disagree with you re subs; however, I owned a Rel G2 for about 3 years or so, which I tried and tried to integrate as best as I could. I bought it in the hope of just very subtly supporting the very deep material in music such as Saint-saens Symphony No 3. I definitely do not like over emphasis in bass, if I had to choose, I'd choose lighter presentation with better overall balance than boosted bass all day long, but that sa
  2. Many thanks @Tobes - if you haven't already listened to it - check out the acoustic bass solo at 1m25s mark on Laila Dalseth album 'Time for Love', track 'Nature Boy'. Hope you enjoy. And thanks for the response - I really appreciate hearing from you given you've lived with them for a good amount of time. I can well imagine that they would continue to impress over time. Glad to hear you're so pleased with the 100s. @genkifd - I have never come across the Hulgich Dukes - they look great - SB Acoustics drivers and Göran Niréus of Audio Excite seems to know the maths behin
  3. Thanks for the response - appreciate it. Very much agree with you on all points. I tried both ATC 50ASL and 100ASL - and both were fantastic. 100 was just slightly more open and effortless to me, but I actually haven't completely ruled out 50ASL (if I do side with ATC), as I recognise speaker / room synergy is probably more important than outright (on paper) speaker capability, and I suspect my room may actually benefit from the smaller speaker - but as you very rightly point out - there's only one way to confirm this! I agree, I found the ATC bass to be ac
  4. Hi Team, I'm new to this forum. Narrowing my speaker search to Dynaudio Contour 60i and ATC SCM100ASL. I'm very interested to hear from anyone who has lived with either of these speakers for a reasonable amount of time and would appreciate any / all impressions you wish to share. I have spent some time listening to both, and IMO both are fantastic. ATC to me is the more organic and convincing in terms of presenting the natural timbre of instruments, particularly piano, but Contour was also excellent, very balanced and had more depth to low bass. All else eq
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