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  1. I guess the trafo can be re-wired to take 220v. Most of the equipment I came across can be rewired to 220v.
  2. Further information: The best of 80s amplifier from Sansui. This is very clean and musical sounding amplifier. I am presently driving B&W Nautilus 805 with this amplifier and it plays them wonderfully. Prior to it, I have used it to drive Dynaudio Emit M20 (4 Ω speakers). 95 watt of clean power and Excellent damping factor, ideal for controlling big drivers with ease. I just want to try something else, hence selling this off for funds. Specifications: Power output: 95 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response
  3. I am 2nd owner and the speakers are less than a year old. They are in excellent condition. Very capable speakers and for the price they are excellent performers. I know I will regret later but now I have to accumulate fund for other upgrades.
  4. Hi, By any chance, can you ship it to Melbourne? Thanks, Koushik.
  5. Didn't understand the "secure" part on SNA. How it works? Thanks!
  6. Arguably one of the best Bookshelf speakers at the price range, for a great price. After searching for over couple of months, just committed to a Dynaudio. GLWTS
  7. Item: B&W N805, 805S or 805D Price Range: 2000 - 3800 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Prefer intact drivers
  8. Item: B&W 805 D3 Price Range: 4000 - 4500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of 805D3 in excellent condition.
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