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  1. Thanks for the offer @Soundguru but just trying to hunt down the RX-Z1 or the RX-Z9 for now.
  2. Bumping again. Hoping for some news on a RXZ9!
  3. Still on the search. If anyone has any leads please let me know
  4. Bumping. Tracked down a Z1. Would still love a Z9!
  5. Bumping! Preferably would go for the RX-Z9, they seem to be quite sparse in Australia unfortunately.
  6. Hey all, Looking at hunting down a Yamaha RX-Z1 or RX-Z9. Currently using a DSP-A1000 to run my turntable, love the look but I've heard great things of the RX models and curiosity is getting the better of me. Item: Yamaha RX-Z9 Price Range: ~$500? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Would like pick up as close to Wollongong as possible but will travel. Let me know what's out there anyway! Edit - Found an RX-Z1 and I love it! Would love to track down a RX-Z9 still.
  7. For what it's worth, I'd personally look at trying to find a decent second hand 5.1 system. That's at least where I started my journey. I've started putting together an Aaron speaker system. You can get a pair of ATS-4's or ATS-5's quite cheap if you're willing to wait, they'll usually run you $100-$200ish. They perform above and beyond what I was expecting. They've got some great praise on this forum as a good entry level.
  8. Bumping this bad boy! Missed out on one recently so the search is back on.
  9. Please let me know if the sale falls through. I'd be interested, thanks.
  10. Are you sure that the mid-driver itself isn't blown? I've went on this journey myself except it was the tweeter. For what it's worth, if the speaker itself is blown, it may be best to try hunt down a cheap set and use one as a donor. For the tweeters at least, the ATS-3, ATS-4, ATS-5 and Paragon P-3 all used the same 70HD tweeter. I can try have a look later but judging off of the product listing sheet, I'd be willing to bet that the ATS'3's use the same mid driver as the ATS-4s. Hope this helps!
  11. I don't know if it's close to you but there's a guy who posted in the home theatre classifieds. He has an Aaron Sub240 for sale for $200. That will not disappoint.
  12. Further information: Yamaha A-670 Integrated Amp + CD-NT670 Network CD Player. Picked these up but decided that these weren't really what I was after. As far as I can tell, the CD player is still available in stores but amp looks like it has been discontinued AMP RRP - $699 CD Player RRP - $699. Any questions please just ask. Photos:
  13. Hey, I've got a Yamaha dsp-a1000 and had the same issue. From what I could gather, the mechanical input switches used by Yamaha back in the day weren't the best. I bought some WD-40 contact cleaner from Bunnings and sprayed that in the input selector and gave it some turns to work it in. That seems to have fixed my issue, it might be worth looking into for yours as it's sounds like it could be the same thing.
  14. Bumping. Updated to also include the mahogany / cherry colour.
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