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  1. Further information: Yamaha A-670 Integrated Amp + CD-NT670 Network CD Player. Picked these up but decided that these weren't really what I was after. As far as I can tell, the CD player is still available in stores but amp looks like it has been discontinued AMP RRP - $699 CD Player RRP - $699. Any questions please just ask. Photos:
  2. Hey, I've got a Yamaha dsp-a1000 and had the same issue. From what I could gather, the mechanical input switches used by Yamaha back in the day weren't the best. I bought some WD-40 contact cleaner from Bunnings and sprayed that in the input selector and gave it some turns to work it in. That seems to have fixed my issue, it might be worth looking into for yours as it's sounds like it could be the same thing.
  3. Bumping. Updated to also include the mahogany / cherry colour.
  4. Item: Aaron Sub240 in Black or Cherry Price Range: ~200+ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for an Aaron Sub 240 in black or Cherry / Mahogany would prefer around Wollongong but may travel to Sydney / Canberra for it. Would ideally like the SW400 as mentioned in my other WTB post but thinking of having dual 240's. Would may be willing to pay post but figured it'd cost a bit to post so pick up preferable. Cheers
  5. Item: Aaron SW400 in black Price Range: market price, not sure what they're worth. Item Condition: used Extra Info: Currently looking for an Aaron SW400. Preferably pick up, located south of Wollongong but would travel to Sydney. Thanks
  6. Hey mate I know it's on hold but how many hours do you reckon are on the cart? Cheers
  7. Bumping this bad boy. Opening up to spec 1 and 2 amps. Let me know if you've got those as well.
  8. Fwiw, my starting turntable was a technics sl-23 and was fortunate enough to pick up a technics sl1200mk2. I much prefer the 1200. Obviously it's a higher end table and direct drive. You should be able to track one down that isn't thrashed by some DJ for around the $800 mark I think? Either way as others have stated, you've got a healthy budget. I'm sure what ever you end up getting will be fantastic.
  9. Thanks guys! I figured as much. I knew it wasn't exactly a bargain price but I didn't think I was being rorted either. Cheers
  10. Hi all, I've been in the market for some more Aaron speakers ever since getting my hands on a set of the ATS-5s. I was quite impressed with them despite one having a blown tweeter. My HT is running a 2.1 set up with Wharfedale Atlantic 500s alongside a Wharfedale 12A power cube. However I want to swap to an Aaron set up. Long story long, I've been given the chance to buy the ATS-4s, a CC240 and the sub240. From local sales around your area, would approximately $600 be around the right amount to pay? Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, Anyone here own the Aaron Pro 6 or ever seen them before? I've seen the Aaron spread sheet and noticed this was the most expensive set they'd offered. I'm unable to find images on the net for them. I wouldn't mind seeing what they look like if anyone's got any photos? Cheers
  12. Decided to strip down what I'm looking for. Looking for a Pioneer SA-9800. I think I've fallen in love with the look of it.
  13. Thanks for the input guys! I picked it up a long time ago alongside a Technics SL-23. I've had no care for it but was testing it last night and it seems to function perfectly. Figured it was time to let it go but had no idea on what to value it at. Got offered $30 but figured for that price I'd may as well keep it. $100 sounds pretty reasonable I'd say.
  14. Hey everyone, I've been looking at parting ways with a Garrard 60 MKII Turntable. It seems to be working perfectly and I'm unsure of a value to put on it. I figure it was close to worthless but haven't been able to find much info online for pricing. Has anyone dealt with this model before or have any information? Thanks.
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