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  1. Further information: This is a high quality portable Amp/DAC that’s easy to fit into a portable chain and extremely easy to carry with you. It can even drive your home rig pretty damn well. This is a convenient and quality solution to any amp/DAC needs you have when you’re very low on space. Pairs easily with an USB-A to USB-C dongle to connect with a phone or tablet. Has not been updated with the latest software yet and is in full stock configuration, so it may have some volume issues on Android OS. This is a simple download from Audioquest’s Website, however. Photos:
  2. Further information: These are an excellent pair of headphones that are easy to drive and sound beautiful. They’re slightly bass light and have an odd midrange but they can be easily EQ’d to get a great performer at an incredible price. The isolation and sound leakage are excellent and these can be truly portable cans as long as you don’t mind the heft, as these are rather large and a bit heavy. The cable is an aftermarket Meze cable that has been used to replace the garbage stock cable. They’re in perfect condition and you’ll barely find a scratch on them. Does not come with orig
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