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  1. good point re local service. It is extremely annoying that I missed out on the Coincident Statement was for sale a couple of days ago. Given the time difference, i miss out on local stuff 😪 I'm be placing an order for the Consonance shortly, via the AUS dealer, whose pricing is excellent, even taking into account shipping and duty.
  2. I've had a good chat with the owner of Icon and will be getting a home loan on the Icon4 Pro I respect the view that the KT88 isn't necessarily suitable for a top flight preamp but with due respect the melody monos I have are plenty good enough. They replaced a very expensive class A Plinius. I do get the point about too many signal tubes in the chain, hence willing to try the icon. I could replace my streamer with a miniDSP SHD studio and use that for volume control, but I'm suspicious of digital volume control.
  3. Interesting, thanks. Is that because I don't need the extra gain ? I have a valve dac too and was actually wondering if I maybe just needed something passive. I don't need multiple inputs I just need volume selection via a remote.
  4. I currently have a modwright LS36.5 and I'd like to upgrade it. I have narrowed the shortlist to the two preamps in the title. Apparently the supratek isn't actually a proper DHT implementation due to the 6SN7 tubes, whereas the consonance is. The supratek is a bit cheaper. Which is better? I'd be using it with melody KT88 monoblocks.
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply, appreciated. I've attached a photo. Not sure it is useful? In the meantime I've located a Scottish dealer of Melody who has direct contact with the Melody owner. He tells me that the guy is extremely slow to reply (even when the dealer places a new order ) which we agreed was very odd! Apparently they continue to sell Melody despite the issues because the products are so good. Hopefully I'll get a response.... I'm going to order x8 shuguang kt88-t while I wait for a response.
  6. Interesting. It looks like these are rebranded as dark power kt88-4 and are listed as £6000!? From the spec it seems these now use Mundorf SIO whereas mine used Jensen aluminium foil PIO. I wonder what other differences exist between these new versions and my M88Q...not many I would wager
  7. I notice a few folks on here own(ed) these excellent monoblocks, and since I'm struggling to get any response from the manufacturer directly I thought I'd check here. Does anyone know if I can safely use KT120 tubes with this amp? Also, does anyone have a manual for one that they wouldn't mind scanning into pdf for me ? Mine didn't come with one when I bought them (second hand) Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm considering ordering a Supratek Cabernet preamp and wondered if this is a unit folks have experience of on here? My UK forum doesn't have much experience of them. Thanks!
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