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  1. Hope? This was just a DIY project to have some fun!
  2. A more defined stereo image with less muddied mid-range, better system performance/detail on low volume. The plinth under the sub made the bass response less boomy and more controlled. Amazingly i used to have to raise the front of the PCMII CD player with rubber stoppers to reduce transport noise. That seems to have been cured with the new platform.
  3. They are M8 Audio speakers. They make beautiful speakers!
  4. OK guys so I ended up going nuts and making lots of these The plinths are made from oak with hand-chamfered edges and a satin finish, and sit on sorbothane feet.
  5. Never mind the BBQ/meat, what about my plinths?!?
  6. Another attempt at isolation but this time using left-over bits of oak panel to make some speaker isolation plinths. Currently I have these sitting on some felt pads just to test them out. I've got some 4 x 4 bits of 25m square sorbothane that will replace the felt on order. The M8 Audio Rocket 4.1s are sitting as bookshelf speakers on the Ikea cabinet I use to house my hifi gear. Yes, not exactly audiophile grade but the unit is pretty versatile and suits my objective of hiding the stereo away from my young children. I haven't done a before and after comparison with/without the plinths but I was sure I could tell some sort of difference even with what is only a relatively minor change. A better test will be when the sorbothane arrives. I will make another one for the Sub OneTen that sits on the wooden floor as that might offer some benefit too.
  7. The issue for me is the cost of the yellow sorborthane feet. For a set of 4 from eBay they are around 45 bucks. That make each panel quite costly to make. The issue is whether the sorbothane does a better job than the low cost Bunnings version. From the Bunnings stuff you could easily cut 2 inch circles that would look reasonably OEM. With a few spare panels a range options could be tested.
  8. This is a custom isolation platform I made as a copy of the original Cyrus isoplat, 43 x 32.5 CM and similar thickness. I tried to get another original isoplat but the prices they go for are ridiculous given it is just a bit of MDF with a grey textured finish. So I ordered some similar-sized sorbothane feet and acquired a hardwood oak panel, which was enough to make two panels. I cut the timber to fit and sanded the sides smooth and also slightly sanded the edges to make a bevelled edge, I then coated the top side with satin polyurethane and left to dry. Today (after a good two weeks of drying time) I fitted the yellow 2" diameter feet I got off ebay, Here is the unit that is under the Chord Qutest DAC and Cyrus Stream Xa. I have no idea yet if this impacts the sound in any positive way, but I am reasonably happy with the outcome.
  9. Thanks very much for responding! I will make contact with Tim.
  10. Hi there, I recently found/acquired something in the early 90s Cyrus range - a 1990 Cyrus tuner. It is great aside from the LCD backlight which means the display is partially in the dark. On hearing something rattling around I took the cover off and found an errant bulb that had broken off the back of the LCD unit as per the pics below. I am wondering how this could best be repaired - a possible option would be to retrofit some LCDs in place of the original bulbs. Aside from this, the unit sounds great and there is something of a simplistic charm about an analogue tuner. What I also need is some sort of FM aerial. Currently I am just hooking it up to the house roof aerial, which works OK but I assume a dedicated FM roof aerial would work better. As you can see I am building a system based on a blend of recent/new Cyrus products (+ a Chord Qutest DAC) and also some of the legacy products from the 90s. Regards RG
  11. I recently purchase a Cyrus Stream Xa as a replacement for a Stream X2. The Stream Xa also has a DAC that I originally didnt think I would need as I also recently got a Chord Qutest DAC. The amp I am using is a Cyrus 8DAC that drives M8 Audio speakers (Rocket 4.1 + Sub OneTen). I was working on the assumption that the Qutest DAC would be better than the DAC in the Stream Xa and was planning to use that in preference and perhaps use the Stream Xa DAC for another source, a Cyrus PCMII CD player. Well I have to say the Xa has surprised me. The DAC inside this unit performs very well. I can also do almost a direct comparison between the Chord Qutest DAC and the DAC inside the Xa. On streaming, the HiRes audio comes from a NAS drive via ethernet into the Xa, which then has two paths to get to the 8DAC amp. 1 = Kimber PBJ interconnects via the analogue out of the Xa to the input of the 8DAC 2 = QED signature digital coaxial out of the Xa into the Qutest DAC and then Kimber Hero interconnects from the analogue out into the 8DAC Not quite exactly a direct comparison due to the mix of interconnects, but this does allow an A-B comparison whist the same source is playing – you can switch between the two. There is hardly anything at all in it – even if I was willing the Qutest to sound better, the Xa DAC seriously holds it own to the point I would have to say they are on a par and one sometimes sounds better than the other. The Qutest has the benefit of 4 filters to tailor the sound, but the Xa gives a more direct route to the 8DAC amp via only one cable to get to the 8DAC. I would be willing to bet money that both sound better than the DAC in the 8DAC but I haven’t specifically tested that. I also tested playing from the digital out of the PCMII into the Xa, I can go from there to the 8DAC or via the Qutest, again allowing a direct comparison but also giving more options to tune the sound. A factor that might influence the comparison is the use of two cables, the QED and the Kimber Hero to go via the Qutest. Either way, it is a great setup for a comparison and has revealed both DACs perform favourably and it is nice to have both options. Hope this is of some interest! Regards RG
  12. Hi All, As a long time Cyrus user of some 30 years, I'm building a blended system of vintage and recent/current Cyrus products. This week I managed to find this Mission Cyrus PCMII CD player from around 1990. I'm using this as a transport, currently feeding this into a Chord Qutest DAC and then onto a Cyrus 8DAC amp. I also am waiting on delivery of a new Cyrus Stream Xa. I intend to use the Xa for HiRes streaming duties into the Chord DAC --> 8DAC. The 8DAC has a PSX-R too. Then have a second source, but use the PCMII via digital into the DAC of the Xa and then onto the 8DAC. What I am now looking for is an original Cyrus PSX power supply. The PCMII has an input from the PSX for increased performance. I am now kicking myself for selling my original Cyrus 2/PSX combo which was in lovely original condition (or at least I have use for the PSX now). The PCMII sounds great as a transport, the only issue is I found the unit noisy when the disc is spinning. I found that by lifting the unit with the rubber spacers, this quietened it down considerably. I have listed a WTB ad for the PSX, but if anyone has one to sell or knows anyone who might want to part with one would be great to hear about it. Best regards RG
  13. Item: Cyrus PSX power supply (NOT PSX-R, this is the orignal 1990s version) Price Range: 150-250 Item Condition: Used, but in excellent condition Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. Further information: For sale Cyrus Stream X2 network streamer. Originally a Stream X but was factory upgraded to X2 specification, with latest firmware in early 2019 to allow streaming of files to 24bit/192khz. Can stream from a network storage drive or via USB and from a range of online music services (Tidal Quobuz and TuneIn Radio). Controllable via the Cyrus Cadence app. Further details can be obtained from www.cyrusaudio.com Pickup from Rossmoyne in WA but can ship at purchaser's cost. Contact me for postage details. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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