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  1. Hi, Just inquiring if the output is 240V? Thanks
  2. Hi Grizzly & Tobias07, Thank you for the welcome! Sorry, bit of a delay, trying to get some of our HiFi sorted after a lengthy absence! We are setting up out system again, so definitely will get some photos up for viewing. Best regards Michael
  3. Hi All, First of all, thank you, thank you for welcoming me to the forum. We have been involved with audio as a hobby for many years, and over the past 5 years I have been pre-occupied with family (as happens to all!). We have a set of 115dB horn speakers which are driven mainly by SET tubes and SS occasionally. We also have some other hand built speakers which are very musical, plus some newer bamboo speakers with ribbon tweeters. We are looking to modernise our CD collection to digital (PC/Mac/Combo server), do some streaming, trial some SS amps (class A and D, other), plus (due to work commitments) trial some headphone amps/DAC/Pre units with quality headphones. Thus, we are looking to catch up on the audiophile world to see what new musical and interesting innovations are floating around, and also, getting back to basics of simply listening to, and enjoying music once more. Thank you for reading. Best regards Michael
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