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  1. Make sure the TV is not outputting multi channel audio on optical with Netflix, often the TV has a setting for stereo or two channel output. These DACs can only play 2-channel PCM.
  2. Reminds me when I had similar weird rattling in the sub, turned it upside down and my 2yr olds wooden blocks fell out the bass port. He must have had great fun posting them. 🤣 Took quite some time to get the last two out.
  3. Have not read the reviews for the Atom DAC, but assume it's very decent, and matched appearance. I could not wait and went for Topping E30 which is excellent and has a remote which is one the best features for me, no getting up to change the volume on the Atom is a major plus for me. 🙂 Edit: the Atom DAC is USB only which would have been a deal breaker for me.
  4. Not balanced to RCA! RCA or TRS is unbalanced, ground + signal, even though there are two of them! You'll be shorting the negative to ground and likely damage the preamp.
  5. Just arrived today, Topping E30 to pair with my JDS Labs Atom.
  6. My quick and dirty ultra low noise LDO powered Chromecast.
  7. > What about those Audioquest Dragonfly USB DACs? I've just ordered a Meizu HiFi Pro for portable throwing in my laptop bag, apparently far exceeds the Dragonfly and only about $40USD (A$60). Will see when it arrives. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/meizu-hifi-pro-usb-c-phone-dongle-dac-review.10423/
  8. Item: Schiit Magni Heresy - Headphone Amplifier Price Range: $180 Item Condition: Used - good condition Extra Info: Sydney Eastern Suburbs
  9. I had a look at the Schitt Magni Heresy - US$99 + $44 postage + 10%GST * exchange-rate, works out only about A$6 less than buying from Addicted to Audio - then add AU-USD conversion margins - it was about the same, for no local support, longer shipping.
  10. Hi, I'm from Sydney and always had a great love of audio, but I'm no audiophile. I'm always in search of good quality on the cheap. Got a few toys so far, nothing fancy. Ath-m40x + Fiio e10k at the office, Onkyo 686 with some Boston acoustics bookshelfs from a garage sale 🙂, but hope to replace, maybe B&W 607s?, and a Fostex TR-80-250ohm that I want a good amp for, maybe a Schiit Heresy if I can get a good price. Looking forward to browsing these pages.
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