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  1. Agreed. They took ages to run in - I reckon around 200hrs. Another benefit of buying second hand!
  2. These speakers are incredible. I had to spend $16k to find something worthy of replacing them.
  3. Up for sale is a set of lenihan 3m XLR cables. In my opinion these are the best bang for buck cables around. Easily as good as cables twice their price. They are in mint condition. Selling as I have changed my system and don’t need them anymore.
  4. @RCZR Hi Richard, this would be a great addition in your system. The T9i would be better again.
  5. Great speakers at a great price.. many years ago, I upgraded from these to something worth twice as much and was disappointed.. they punch well above their weight.
  6. I’ve found another power option so will take $7850 plus post for the p15.
  7. Just updated the title and price. Hopefully that helps people understand. ??‍♂️
  8. How do you suggest I make it clearer for those who don’t like reading? Kinda ironic people join forums and don’t like reading. ?
  9. Hi everyone I’ve recently transitioned to active speakers and my p15 is a bit of overkill. I’m now only using 4 ports and using about 10% of its capacity. I am therefore keen to trade it for a p12 with the necessary cash adjustment - I’m thinking +3k but happy to negotiate depending on the condition and history of the p12. Please note I will only consider a black p12. I might also sell it. Let me know if you want to discuss. Unsure what it’s worth as a straight sale. Will need to investigate. The unit is about 6 months old and in mint condition. Even
  10. Hi everyone I bought this a few weeks ago to use as a roon endpoint.. as Murphy’s law would have it, my ARCAM AV processor just received roon certification so this isn’t needed anymore. The unit is fantastic and the app is also really good. You can use the app to control roon which is nice as it doesn’t take a few seconds to load like the roon app. I bought it local will provide the receipt for warranty purposes. Also comes with all original packaging so you’re essentially getting a new unit.
  11. Oh, wow!! What a bargain!! These active beasts represent the future of hifi!
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