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  1. Great dac. Ps audio announced the other day that there’s another firmware update coming in the short term. The last firmware update was a ripper. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. This is a good input - I really like that graph - thanks. Your point regarding type of bass is important. The bass I’ve been referring to is in that 60-150 range. As I listen to mainly rock, there’s not much happening below 50hz.. The attached is another one I like. I found it particularly useful when recording / mixing bands. I’ve applied it to hifi eq but have only had limited success as you can’t isolate an instrument and improving one instrument can negatively impact another. You also find yourself improving one album but muddying up others. The journey is fun nonetheless.
  3. He has his own measurement tool which is easy to use. You can find it on his website. It runs a a series (I think 8 sweeps) and saves a file which you send him. You just need a UMIK or similar and you can find his sweep audio files on roon. Its all much easier than using REW. I cant remember and im too lazy to check how much it costs but if the first filters are about 200 euro's and he then charges about 40 euro's if you change a component and want to update the filters. I have gone back to him a few times now to upgrade my filters with new DAC's, new speakers etc. On
  4. Awesome!! I’d love to hear the bxt’s. If Mike thinks the bass is great - they must produce one hell of a sound. ..... p.s. Would love to be able to afford them too! 🤑
  5. Hi mate, no, the 8c’s only accept a parametric eq from REW. The convolution is a zip file loaded into my roon core. Attached are some screen shots of what you get with the 8c’s. The REW integration is good but convolution filters are much better than parametric eq’s. You can also start playing with cross talk which allows some manipulation of the sound stage. When you deal with Thierry he’ll send you some filters and you can go back and forth with him to get things right. The first cross talk filter he sent me had my soundstage expand way too much. I could hear instruments off the si
  6. Functionality can be upgraded to a point. I assume the Kii’s have upgradable software? If so it’ll probably be a few years before the software upgrades start exceeding the hardware capabilities.
  7. this is the only neutral issue for me at the moment. The Dutch 8c’s only have one XLR input (can also be used for AES) so I’m still using a BHK pre & DSD Dac so I have easier volume control & input switch-ability (including HT bypass) while I wait for them to be roon certified. Once this is done - after some testing of course - I hope to be able to sell my BHK Pre & DSD. I hear roon certification is close and they are working on a control box which will be great.
  8. This is where I’m at. While I’m not a ‘bass head’, I’ve spent the last 20 years playing in bands and need to feel the sub (kick drum) to be satisfied when listing to music. As I described in my previous post, this was my biggest concern when going active. When I have listened to the Kii’s I’ve just never got the tickle I need in the low frequencies. Therefore one of the pieces of the equation for me when selecting active speakers was the ability to integrate a subwoofer. This is something that Dutch 8c’s do but I’ve owned them for about 3 weeks now and haven’t felt the need to even p
  9. Oh, I didn’t realize it was Mike. Must be an issue with his email. I use foilflex cables & every other time I’ve dealt with him it’s been good. thanks.
  10. Following.. I have recently gone from a traditional rig to some D&D 8c's and am not looking back. The biggest thing that worried me about the transition was bass but it turns out bass is the 8c's biggest strength. I am really enjoying the simplicity and brilliant sound. I have found the parametric EQ in the speakers driven by REW isn't as good as convolutions that I had made up by Thierry at Home Audio Fidelity. His filters are fantastic and worth every cent.
  11. I’ll take them if the sale falls through. I’m in canberra so can pick up.
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