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  1. Mine arrived today. Tracking still says they’re not due until early Jan.
  2. Wow.. this is working really well.. very impressed.. the sound stage has become so much more 3 dimensional..
  3. Just dropped the price a little.. I am not keen on budging much more as I am already losing out a little but I am still keen to move this along.
  4. Yep, it’s literally that simple. 5 mins to set up and never anything more to do.
  5. I hear they need at least 100hrs to burn in.
  6. Hi, selling my nucleus. Bought this as a gap filler while I set up a full file / music / video server. I think (hope) my new server is stable now so time to move on the nucleus. Works perfectly and hasn’t missed a beat. It’s proved to be a nice key turn solution for Roon and certainly sounded better than my old mini Mac core. I just need something that does more than just music. Bought on here not long ago. here’s the link to the original sale:
  7. Jhsg


    Hi mate, I’ve got one im about to list for sale. Pm on the way
  8. Hi @recur Definetely interested in comparing notes. Also keen to hear about your approach to treating your room. I hope it doesnt force me into upgrading my Roon Core but we will see. Cheers, John
  9. Hi everyone, Whilst certainly not technically minded, I do like to tinker with things and room correction / DSP has always been an interesting thing for me. I find on my HT setup that Audessy does wonders but I've always struggled with room correction on my 2ch setup. I tried minidsp and while it worked nicely it took something away from my sound that I ended up feeling was more of a negative than a benefit - I also tried REW and while I got some good results, again I was left thinking some life was taken out my sound and the negatives outweighed the positives. For the last few months I have found a nice 'house curve' that I have dialled into Roon and have been very happy with the sound. However, how long can one stay happy & content in this game!! Yesterday, after doing some reading about https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/ i thought i would give it a go. It did cost me a bit of $$$ but to scratch the itch i committed and am pretty impressed with the service and the results. While I have certainly gained some decent knowledge of taking measurements and using my UMIK1 mic, the process was easy. They have their own tool which is straight forward and easy to use. Once done I sent the files with some other information to them and to my surprise got a personal response within a couple of hours. After providing a little more information and thinking they will take a few days to come back to me with the filters, I received another email with the files within a few hours. They also said I should have a good critical listen and go back to them if I need any adjustments. This morning I woke up and thought.... I've gotta try this before heading to work... So while drinking some needed coffee and listening to the wife giving me grief about getting kids to school, I jumped on the computer, uploaded the files and switched on some music. - Postives - I instantly heard a far more natural and balanced sound and a more clean, delicate and detailed sound stage. When listening to some rock I could hear the kick drum much clearer and some of the woolyness in my sub has vanished which is really nice. When listening to some solo acoustic guitar it sounded much darker and deeper and the vocals popped out of the mix much more. The difference is so significant it almost sounds like I am using different speakers which is clearly a significant statement. - Negatives - (Perhaps too early to tell) The only negative is it seems to have made my Roon remote a little less responsive - not the point where it's a problem but just a little more sluggish when I am skipping tracks and hitting play/pause (probably because the DSP is making my Nucleus work a bit harder. I will report back on this). Bottom line is I am very impressed but will do some more listening over the next few days and report back with more detailed findings. Hopefully this thread helps others and gives us a resource to chat about this Home Audio Fidelity service or other DSP options that work on 2ch. Cheers, John
  10. I swear there is a gremlin behind my cabinet who takes great pleasure in making a mess... I seem to spend an hour or two every couple of months doing big clean ups but the gremlin comes back and makes them messy again within a week!!
  11. .... Was selling them for more than they’re worth new. I had them mixed up with some other cables I bought.
  12. VDH CS122 2.5m pair. Great sounding cable. Very rich and full sounding and can easily compete with other cable twice their price. Factory terminated with spades on one end and bananas on the other. Selling as I’ve rearranged my room and they’re not long enough anymore.
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