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  1. Damn I just hadn't seen any messages so I thought I was the first to get to you
  2. Hi all I purchased a series of Bill's Vintage Western Electric cables. The list of cables are as follows. speaker cable (banana plugs at one end spade bits at the other) 2 sets of XLR's 1 setRCA 2.75 ohm coax cables. I just wanted to post my thoughts in regard to all of these cables. At the time I am writing this the cables have around 25 hours use now. I understand that impressions about these cables will be of course equipment dependent and people's results may differ. So as a result of this I will give a description of the equipment I'm using with these cables. To
  3. I have confidence C4's and they are amazing. I can only imagine what these babies sound like. These are cheap!!! there's no doubt about it but unfortunately I don't have a spare 45k sitting around or I would be a buyer. I hope you can sell them locally good luck.
  4. I had a set of icon 2 bookshelf speakers that I have only just in the last two weeks sold to a very happy fellow. They where amazing l had them up on brackets as rear surround speakers in my home theatre. (far too good for that). When I took them down put them on stands and set them up to demo them, I was totally surprised at what had always been up behind my head dealing with small amounts of surround information. Last of the ribbon tweeters in the Dali's as I believe and a real shame. Someone here will be very happy with them I am sure. GLWTS.
  5. Hi thank you for the comments and I couldn't agree more. I will regret selling these of that I am sure. They are stunning speakers and considering just what they're capable of, they are up there with the best value for money speaker you'll get at this quality. I've heard speakers three times the price of these that just simply can't do what these can. I feel a little self-promotional here given that I'm commenting on my own speakers. But being a former sound engineer and having a pretty good ear for what sounds good, I can honestly say these speakers are brilliant and as said above very forg
  6. Further information: Hi all, up for sale are my beautiful Dynaudio C4's. It must be said this is a regretful sale I have loved these things while they've been in my care. The speakers are in near mint condition and will not disappoint upon inspection. The pictures show clearly how good they present. It is now time for somebody else to bestow their loved upon them. The speakers are truly an endgame speaker that is still affordable. I'm sure members here are well aware of their imposing beauty both sonically and aesthetically. They truly are magnificently made pieces of audiophile equipmen
  7. Further information: Up for sale is a brand new SB3000. It has been taken out of the box for the purpose of taking pictures. This subwoofer retails for just on $2800. Selling at a $600 discount as I purchased an Ultra 16 at the same time as this was given to me as a Christmas present. Not a bad review written about this subwoofer. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must
  8. Further information: Up for sale is my reference quality Denon Universal Disc Player DBP 4010UD. It is truly a beautiful extremely well built piece of hifi equipment made in Japan. It plays pretty much all audio/video formats. It has amazing DVD upscaling and amazing picture and sound quality. A superb DAC with HDMI & analog audio outputs. This machines oozes quality. Finished in beautiful brushes champagne finish. The unit comes with remote control and power cable. Just plug in and enjoy! Price is firm as I priced it
  9. Hi All I'm still chasing a centre channel for my C4's if anyone's got one there thinking of selling. Please get in touch. Cheers Shane.
  10. Item:dynaudio confidence centre speaker. Price Range: fair and reasonable. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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