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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm thinking of buying a Selby Accoustically transparent screen, Encore 2.35:1 CineAcoustiq 4K Fixed Screen. Anyone ever purchased one? Thoughts? TIA
  2. Thanks for the info and well put by the way. Agreed about optics and lack of choice. I've currently got a Panasonic AE8000 (its about 5 years old) which has a great picture, motorised zoom (but not shift - that's manual), and lens memory - so CIH will be pretty straight forward. Maybe I just stick with it for another year or two and hopefully newer, true 4K models will be more affordable.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my projector to true 4K. I'm soon changing my screen to a 2.35:1 scope screen, as I generally watch movies on it, so I'm looking for a DLP projector with lens memory (motorised), and obviously motorised zoom. Suggestions? TIA
  4. Who here has purchased the same movie., more than twice!? I tried searching this forum, but people suggest: Excel or Google Sheets - not practical when I'm out and about. An app that you have to pay a membership to use Or Plex media server - which to date, has been beyond me! With that said, anyone got suggestions for an app that I can use when I'm at the shops? One time purchase with no ongoing fees that can catalogue my 300+ collection quickly and easily. TIA
  5. I should try, as it will save me a ton. I'm going to do a riser for the second row, as that is pretty easy (well at least how to videos make it look easy). So maybe when I do this bit, I should at least give the frame a go - if it's not square, then probably just $50 of materials and a few hours wasted. Nit - do you have a link to where you purchased the spandex? TIA
  6. Excellent job. I doubt I have the skills to make my own - I wish I did, the way I could spend more on other equipment!
  7. What do you love about it? What do wish was better? X brand is great but... I would only trade up for... Background: I'm in the market for an accoustically transparent screen and I'm searching for something that ticks most of my boxes: 1. Picture quality 2. Price 3. I'm not sure!
  8. My Panasonic TW8000 did that, and it turned out to be the air filter intake. Check your manual, as it's a side panel thing (no need to open it up).
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