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  1. thimmy118, I can see your point about being overpriced. Just not sure what other products that are out there that would deliver the same or better sound than the Klipsch models at a lesser price?. The Forte III's reviews are mostly very good. I'm not into some of the more "clinical' sounding speakers that are available. They seem to lack a certain warmth and gut thumping bass that I appreciate.
  2. Thanks & thimmy118, A very informative and helpful description of your experience with the Forte's. As would be expected, the III's have had a few changes made from the II's, not sure if they are that significant. The other Klipsch speaker that I would like to have a listen to is the RF7 III"s. These aren't from the heritage series, but I think are made in the same factory as the Forte's? Once the Covid restrictions have eased (hopefully soon) in Melbourne, I will travel down and book a listening test and see if I can compare the two products.
  3. Looks like the Speaker Hospital in Sydney can assist. Several communications have occurred between us, they are trying to source the foams and tool up for the task. In fairness, they haven't promised an exact match for the original material, but will do their best in coming as close as possible. In due course, they will let me know about their progress in manufacturing the foam lenses. Both Sal and Greg from the Speaker Hospital have been helpful and proactive with this request. I will post again once I receive more info. etc.
  4. Good advice pete_mac. I do appreciate your input in attempting to obtain the best result possible from a replacement material that will most probably differ from the original. Thanks also for your tip on contacting Doc M via a private message.
  5. Firstly, thanks to Doc M for his update. I'm just up the freeway from you in Wangaratta. Is there a way we can exchange contact nos. on this site? I've had some success with the Speaker Hospital in Sydney, but still waiting on confirmation from them. And to pete_mac who I value as a helpful contributor to this thread, it seems to me that getting the exact same foam as the original EV ones may be problematic. I'm not sure how this could be achieved unless one had an instrument to measure these types of things? Methinks, and I may be wrong, that if the replacement product is "close enough", personally I don't know if I could tell the difference if put in front of the speakers blindfolded. Just my thoughts......
  6. If it all becomes too difficult, I suppose I can leave my tweeters without their foam surrounds and adjust the treble down a bit. Not ideal, I know.....
  7. Sounds like we need to do a bit of homework and research to solve this problem. Excellent input from all concerned. Thanks.
  8. Good luck! We all have to get points for trying!! I suppose if we could get the outer lens from This Place In Aus. would be a good start. The issue then would be to make certain the diameter of the hole in the outer lens married up to the outside diameter of the denser, inner lens so they could fit together nicely.
  9. Doc M, the after market acoustic lens foam kit are the ones that I bought from Speaker Exchange a few years ago. The inner lens they sent appears to be made from the same coarser foam as the outer lens ring, and not the much denser material that they should be.
  10. Yes, they are. Mine have the vented mid range drivers.
  11. Pete_Mac, The array of drivers are different in my EV's Interface C's than the pics. you kindly provided. The tweeter appears the same though. A different EV model perhaps?
  12. Yes, that's possible. The chap from the Speaker Hospital in Sydney can't guarantee the foams will be the exact same grade as the originals. Maybe a compromise will be required by me in order to get the job done. I'll keep you posted after he replies to my email today.
  13. Doc M, As you are into vintage speakers, I'm driving my EV's with a Phase Linear 400 power amp that I purchased new from Encel Electronics back in Feb. 1976. Just bought a new Vincent SA-32 hybrid pre amp to replace the old NAD unit that was blowing capacitors. They appear to work well together, the old with the new!
  14. The leather cutting die looks impressive. I don't know of anyone where I am that might have this tool. If the correct foam density is unavailable or unknown, and this is obviously critical to the tweeters performance, I'm not sure what other options are out there?
  15. Doc M, I've just phoned a helpful guy at the Speaker Hospital in Sydney and I will send him my details. Can you please let me know how you go with your latest inquiry with This Place in Aus? Somehow, we should be able to find a satisfactory solution to our issue!
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