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  1. PS1000i hits the sweet spot in price vs sound, for me.
  2. The cable is quite good however you’re paying for the box too.
  3. Dragonfly Cobalt is the best however Audioquest and GoVibe not too bad.
  4. Bluetooth is okay but you could you WiFi network unit (Yamaha has one$.
  5. Hi all, I’m Sam and I’m from Northern Rivers. Like quality headphones by Sennheiser / Focal / MrSpeakers / Oppo / Grado / Fostex, earphones by AAW / ACS / AKG / Westone / Grado / Fostex and speakers by B&W 805 / 804 / CM10. Looking to sell my brand new original HD800 or exchange to equivalent value headphones I haven’t tried. cheers.
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