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  1. Works perfectly on android. Have used it with my android device for Spotify (premium), Local highres tracks via UAPP, as well as highres via my plex server. Great amp, makes a noticeable improvement, even over the already improved quad dac in the LG V20.
  2. Mod offers slight increase in soundstage and increases their openness (I found them quite closed). I prefered the mod purely because I think it looks better!
  3. Further information: Purchased 2 pairs to compare the foam mod. I am selling 1 pair. Please indicate if you would like the pair in which the rear foam has been removed and a small dust grill placed over the driver (foam will be included so they can be reverted back to their original form), or whether you would like the unmodified pair. Have been burnt in but are otherwise completely unused (pads brand new). Didn't like the stock cable so purchased an aftermarket one which is included. Will include all original accessories as well. Shipping is included in the price.
  4. Further information: Purchased earlier this year from A2A. Limited to use as I liked them enough that I bought the Clears from a fellow SNA member. (for those interested there is a limited difference between the two, main difference is in looks and accessories. slight boost in mid presence) Includes the optional carry case, all original accessories and original boxes. If you are happy to abandon the original box for the headphones and for them to be posted with all the accessories inside the carry case then I am happy to cover all shipping (may be able to po
  5. Further information: Purchased earlier this year from Addicted to Audio. After 2 weeks of ownership word reached of a discounted Burson Conductor V2+. I kept this only as a backup. Has not been used for more than a few hours. Selling to fund other equipment purchases on SNA. Even with the standard op-amps I was amazed how close this sounds to my Conductor. It actually has a slightly warmer sound that I preferred with my T90's (I stick to tubes with these). It's 2 watts of Class A power are plenty for most dynamic and Planar headphones and powered everything in my collection we
  6. Hey, just letting you know I sent you a PM last night.
  7. Oh No! Bought the Elears from A2A earlier this year, then someone had the clears on here a few weeks back and I bought those. Please don't make me get the Utopia's too. GLWTS
  8. Works perfectly, I use mine with my LG V20 to play high res vinyl rips and Tidal.
  9. Fantastic product. I have both a NAOS and an AQ Dragonfly red. The NAOS is more detailed, smaller, and supports a higher resolution. the AQ red has a slightly more coherent sound but given the price difference between the two, this purchase is a no brainer! GLWTS
  10. Really nice amp. What's your thoughts on it versus the Burson V2 soundwise. I've got a V2 but might be looking for another amp. Otherwise, GLWTS
  11. are the headphones to the left of the shot sundara's?
  12. I'm looking for one of these as well. I'm also in WA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Elex pads are supposed to be the same as the Clear pads but you just have to wait for Drop to sell them.
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