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  1. Oh No! Bought the Elears from A2A earlier this year, then someone had the clears on here a few weeks back and I bought those. Please don't make me get the Utopia's too. GLWTS
  2. Works perfectly, I use mine with my LG V20 to play high res vinyl rips and Tidal.
  3. Fantastic product. I have both a NAOS and an AQ Dragonfly red. The NAOS is more detailed, smaller, and supports a higher resolution. the AQ red has a slightly more coherent sound but given the price difference between the two, this purchase is a no brainer! GLWTS
  4. Really nice amp. What's your thoughts on it versus the Burson V2 soundwise. I've got a V2 but might be looking for another amp. Otherwise, GLWTS
  5. are the headphones to the left of the shot sundara's?
  6. I'm looking for one of these as well. I'm also in WA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Elex pads are supposed to be the same as the Clear pads but you just have to wait for Drop to sell them.
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