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  1. Nice cable. Would have bought but I was too late.
  2. Further information: Original owner. Purchased in late May 2020. In original box with cables and manuals. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  3. A cabinet scraper would help but I wouldn't dive in without some practice on an ordinary panel of wood first. There's some skill involved in using a cabinet scraper to get the angle and pressure right. It's also very important to have it properly sharpened which is not difficult but has a technique to it. I'd also agree with the many comments on exercising caution using solvents including acetone. Some can end up reacting to and bleaching the natural oils that might be in the veneer. As some have said. Take your time. Try to get as much off as possible manually and then treat any residue with meths which might work but start at the gentlest and work your way through to the most aggressive. I'd concentrate any solution on a small spot where any unexpected results won't spoil the whole area. Abrasives such as ooo steel wool or sand paper should be a last resort as they will also remove surrounding wood.
  4. Many years ago my son who was about eight was fascinated by my Linn LP12. I was using a felt mat on the platter at the time and one day while no one was looking my son turned on the Linn. He accidentally bumped against the Lynx Arm and the cartridge dropped on to the spinning turntable yanking the very expensive stylus out of the cartridge. Broke my heart at the time. I boxed up my record collection, removed and stored the Linn. Didn't resurrect it again for about twenty years.
  5. Similar experience here. A year or two after the market switched from Vinyl to CD, I lost interest in HIFI. That was until recently when my Luxman L58A died and after a couple of weeks going without I started to look for a replacement. I found another Luxman and that started a whole new cycle of upgrades. The only part of my original system are my ESS-AMT 1C speakers which still sound amazing after 35+ years. I have to say though that I'm now once again really enjoying the music thanks to Tidal and Roon. Now I have to be alert that I don't get hooked again back into the endless upgrade loop.
  6. I fully agree. Stereonet is a great community and resources for anyone like me interested in HIFI. I have no problem whatsoever in the criteria applicable to having access to "sell stuff" in the classifieds section. As I had purchased items from the classifieds without any issue I simply was not aware of the requirements to sell. I joined Stereonet as I was impressed with the vast knowledge of the membership on all topics relating to HIFi and I was and continue to be impressed with how supportive, helpful and respectful the members are. I was hooked on HIFI for many years and have only recently reconnected, so to find a resource like Stereonet has been a very positive experience. I've been bringing myself up to date once again with HIFI standards and gear and will make what I hope will be an ongoing contribution to the site.
  7. My recent experience in researching and finding new gear is that it's not that easy. As the original poster "Tassie Devil" pointed out there aren't that many HIFI retail outlets around in these times and those that are in business can't offer a wide variety of brands they stock or promote. So even though one might spend a lot time reading reviews and specifications etc, it's not the same experience as a live listening test at home with your system, room acoustics, cabling and music sources that would in the past have influenced your purchasing decisons. I've seen several posts recently in the classifieds section where people have actually bought their short list of gear to test at home and then resorted to offering the gear for re-sale once they've made their choices. It's effective but must be extremely time consuming and costly.
  8. You might be right but I can't recall receiving the email. Perhaps my mind was elsewhere at the time?
  9. I first got hooked into HIFI in my teens. Then I got married and convinced my wife that our lives were not complete without a decent sound system. Then having sold everything to come to Australia in the mid 70's we didn't have a lot but within a couple of years I was back in the market pursuing the HIFI dream and the endless cycle of upgrades. There were some great HIFI stores in Perth then and lots of ways to spend money on diminishing returns in SQ. Then CD's arrived on the scene which at first looked promising but never had the romance of vinyl and my HIFI passion subsided....... or so I thought. Earlier this year my loyal Luxman 58A integrated amp, which I'd had since new (35+ years) decided to take retirement and I thought I could do without. That lasted a couple of weeks before I started to look around for a potential replacement. I eventually found another current generation Luxman integrated amp. When it arrived and was connected and powered up I was amazed at the SQ. That started me once again on the upgrade path and now many thousands of dollars later I'm hooked again. I think Audiophillia is an actual diagnosable condition much like alcohol. I thought I was cured but it only took one drink for me to fall off the wagon again. On the positive side I'm really really enjoying music again and finding online resources such as Stereonet has been just great.
  10. Had my Luxman 58A integrated amp which I've had since new (45+ years) repaired and recapped by a local guy here in Perth. He did a great job and is really into HIFI and he cares about the quality of his work. His contact details are: Name: Mike Fitzpatrick Business: Liquid Audio Contact No: 0439 690 436
  11. I've had recent good experiences with TNT here in Perth. I had a DAC shipped from Vic sent on Mon and delivered Fri which in these times is exceptional. Only gripe was their online order status hadn't changed (in transit) when I checked early on Fri only to have them attempt delivery later that morning. Then trying to contact them on the phone proved almost impossible as they persist in diverting you to their online website. I did eventually speak to a customer service individual who confirmed that they would email and or SMS me later in the day to arrange collection from a local depot. By 4:00pm, not having received any message from them I checked on line where it confirmed my package was at a local newsagent. So never received the promised info from TNT. It will be interesting to see how TNT's merger with FedEx unfolds in the coming weeks and months.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. This is obviously monitored or regulated by the system so where does a new user find this information?
  13. Hi. I've made several purchases through the classifieds section and now I'm interested in offering an item for sale. I've looked through the forum messages but can't see anywhere to find the template to use. It seems I need to have contributed or responded to postings to access the classifieds? So what is the criteria for posting an item for sale?
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