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  1. Love the piano teachers comment “I have the finest equipment money can buy”. I wonder that’s worth on today’s currency?? 😂
  2. Thanks Dave. Thought I missing something. This makes sense now, cheers
  3. When you say Negative terminal, what do you mean? There is only 8 Ohm, 4 Ohm and O Ohm on both channels. No positive or negative. Am I missing something? I probably am. LOL
  4. I’m sure this topic will arise as some point in the future within SNA. It appears people have strong views based on experience, both first hand and from others. If I could make the point, without sounding ungrateful or disrespectful to other members, particularly to those seasoned audiophiles, my original post requested information related to connecting newly purchased items. i posted for instructional purposes, not to debate the pro and cons of High Level vs Low Level. I required technical expertise on the wiring layout. The above comments may have been more relevant if I was shopping around or researching equipment, but I’d already made my purchases and only needed a How To to my original post. But hey, all worked out well in the end. Apologies if this causes offence. I’m new to hi fi and this was my first post 😊
  5. Thanks for everyone’s input and insight into the sub bass genre. Outcome for all those trying to connect 2 RELS via High Level inputs into Tube Amps WITHOUT sub outs. I followed the directions of REL sales rep and connected into the 8 Ohm speaker output and grounded to unused RCA input for BOTH subs. Very happy with results with NO hum and seamless integration of main speakers n subs. Amp has been running for a few hours and already addicted to their warm cozy sound. Thanks again guys Max
  6. I’m not wedded to the high level inputs, however it appears to engineered this way as the preferred connection option, they spent the cash on RND and would like to experience their design concept to the fullest, obviously without damage or hum. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the quick reply guys. Yes NOT the news I wanted to hear. Would there be any risk to the amp, subs or speakers in trying the the High Level input first and gauge the amount of him generated?
  8. So, I’ve just purchased a PrimaLuna EVO 300 integrated amp and 2 x REL T7i’s subwoofers. I thought set up would be relatively easy until I realised standard setup doesn’t seem to apply when you have a choice of 4 & 8 Ohm Speaker Taps. Both REL and PrimaLuna websites have conflicting information, or a lack of information, when trying to set up a 2.2 system. I want to setup the subs using the High-Level Inputs and NOT the 2 sub outs on amp. According to the REL support page a single sub should be connected using the following instructions https://rel.net/how-to-connect-your-rel-to-a-tube-amplifier. From what I can make out, this is non-balanced approach and doesn’t give any insight on how to connect a second sub. I believe the EVO is fully balanced and may cause damage if connected in this manner I have been advised by a REL sales rep to connect as follows - Red and yellow wires HOT wired into the 8 Ohm positive speaker output and the Black wire to be plugged into an unused Aux input on the amp (soldered to an old RCA as the PrimaLuna doesn’t have a grounding point or can’t be grounded to the chassis). The thought of tinkering with a soldering iron leaves me a little nervous and I just can’t believe there isn’t a simpler solution. Any advice or work arounds would be greatly appreciated. It appears I’ve purchased beyond my expertise as first time valve owner. Thanks in advance guys. Regards Max
  9. Lovely sounding subs, just bought 2. Seedless integration with most speakers
  10. Hi All Been enjoying the forums whilst WFM but first time posting. Previous system consists of NAD Pre/Power combo running Episode M16’s. My amp went DC and fried all drivers 😩 I’ve spent more than I should on repairing the power amp and still have doubts on its long term integrity. I’ve just bought Marantz NA6006 streamer, a pair of Triangle Cometos and 2 REL T71’s. All sounding awesome, however now looking to upgrade amplification to something with pretty warm glowing tubes under 4K, Need to more research and look forward to all the solid advice from others on this amazing forum. Max
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