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  1. On 17/10/2020 at 12:23 PM, Janjuc said:

    Hi All,


    Watched the first 4 episodes of Brave New World  last night, a little light on in content, more a 'water colour' of Huxley's book than an 'oil painting'. Not getting to the nitty-gritty of why this is Utopia, just that it is supposed to be, and you have to fit in, or take a 'Soma' pill to chill out.


    Will see if it gets better or continues on the same.


    A Beta - so far.



    I watched all of this, and it was okay, but nothing outstanding.

  2. Hi, 


    just picked up a second hand Pioneer A10 Integrated Amplifier (in very good condition-  Audition sounded fine, albeit not with a turntable )  and have hooked it up to my Turntable (Pioneer PL30) and speakers ( Yamaha NS333). 
    There is a loud static coming through speakers when music is played. Turntable is just connected with L/R in terminals - Turntable does not have a ground connection, but new Amp does, which I have not got anything in. 


    I’ve tried both A and B speaker terminals, and issue occurs with both. 


    I’m not very cluey with this stuff, so any ideas? 

  3. On 20/12/2020 at 9:28 PM, April Snow said:

    Received a record in the post, but notice in the runout groove there is like a smear mark in the vinyl - I have wet cleaned it twice and it is still there.

    So I think it is in the vinyl itself.

    I have played the record and the rest of it is flawless 😁 but of course on finishing when they stylus got to the run out it did then have the surface noise once it got to this patch.


    Just wondering what they do the plant - is it left over residue from something?


    I don't want to return it if it is nothing to worry about as the record itself is excellent. 


    I have actually had this on a previous record too which I returned as the whole record was actually not great sounding, but this one the recording is not affected, just in the runout on side A.

    Just curious what it is......







    IMG_7520 copy.JPG

    I have just bough an album and have a similar marking, but mine is on an outer edge. The record plays perfectly, which was suprising.


    Interestingly, it is also a Columbia Records product and has same Red centre label (Bruce Springsteen Nebraska 2015 RSD release)

  4. Has anyone had any experience with a Yamaha AX-300 Integrated Amplifier?

    May have an opportunity to pick one up for around $120.

    I currently have a Yamaha HTR-6130 receiver, with Yamaha NS-333 speakers and don’t have a large budget to upgrade. Looking to get better sound out of my Pioneer LP 30 Turntable. Thought it may be worth it for a reasonably small price.

    I have just upgraded the turntables cartridge, so can’t afford much more at the moment

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  5. On 27/11/2020 at 12:18 PM, Billy Shears said:

    What did you get?


    I picked up Norah Jones’ Playdate, and Chris Cornell’s Patience 7” (which I actually want the B-side - Nothing Compares to You - the one on YouTube at the radio station).

    His cover of Nothing Compares to You is sublime

  6. 12 minutes ago, RCAJack said:

    1. A more powerful amp with a good phono stage seems like a gimme no matter what else you do. But have you heard those speakers in a system that confirmed they have a sound you love? It's possible that they are really good but just not quite to your taste.


    Anyway, there are a few 90s era integrated amps that aren't retro cool (yet 😅) but have good phono stages and are pretty affordable from Denon, Marantz etc.


    2. You don't mention your cartridge but in a vinyl front-end system an upgrade can make a difference that's good value. Especially if you might need a new stylus anyway.

    Thanks mate, yes already looking at a cartridge upgrade.


    As for the speakers, I have heard them  on a mates setup and did like the sound. I am definitely looking into the ingrated Amp suggestions and think this will be my next step

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