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  1. Grabbed some of The National Re-releases from their early stuff. Glad to get Cherry Tree, which goes for big $$ for origianl pressing. Also got 20th Anniversary release Rain Lover, of local band, Halfway. It's superb
  2. This arrived today after buying through the classifieds
  3. Go this delivered yesterday - Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild
  4. Few new ones today The National - Boxer Tired Lion - Breakfast for Pathetics
  5. Yes, superb from start to finish. Definitely in my Top 10 albums.
  6. I thought this was the suprise hit of 2020. Went into it very hesitantly, but LOVED it and can't wait for Season 2
  7. I watched all of this, and it was okay, but nothing outstanding.
  8. He's one of this generations best actors. Superb in roles like The Machinist, The Fighter, American Psycho, The Big Short, American Hustle, Out of the Furnace and of coarse, The Batman trillogy
  9. Watched the Australian series Bump last month and after being convinced to sit through an episode with the wife, endeding up really enjoying the whole series. Quality Aussie production
  10. I've always wanted this and understand the pricing...but unfortunately it's out of my funds reach...GLWTS
  11. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Bingo....feel like an idiot... Thanks for your help!!
  12. Hi, just picked up a second hand Pioneer A10 Integrated Amplifier (in very good condition- Audition sounded fine, albeit not with a turntable ) and have hooked it up to my Turntable (Pioneer PL30) and speakers ( Yamaha NS333). There is a loud static coming through speakers when music is played. Turntable is just connected with L/R in terminals - Turntable does not have a ground connection, but new Amp does, which I have not got anything in. I’ve tried both A and B speaker terminals, and issue occurs with both. I’m not very cluey with this stuff, so a
  13. I have just bough an album and have a similar marking, but mine is on an outer edge. The record plays perfectly, which was suprising. Interestingly, it is also a Columbia Records product and has same Red centre label (Bruce Springsteen Nebraska 2015 RSD release)
  14. Has anyone had any experience with a Yamaha AX-300 Integrated Amplifier? May have an opportunity to pick one up for around $120. I currently have a Yamaha HTR-6130 receiver, with Yamaha NS-333 speakers and don’t have a large budget to upgrade. Looking to get better sound out of my Pioneer LP 30 Turntable. Thought it may be worth it for a reasonably small price. I have just upgraded the turntables cartridge, so can’t afford much more at the moment
  15. His cover of Nothing Compares to You is sublime
  16. Thanks mate, yes already looking at a cartridge upgrade. As for the speakers, I have heard them on a mates setup and did like the sound. I am definitely looking into the ingrated Amp suggestions and think this will be my next step
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