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  1. Also grabbed IDLES new album Ultra Mono. got the Vortex Vinyl version and also the Deluxe Gatefold
  2. Picked up Brandi Carlile 12” RSD2020 single today
  3. Picking up mine tomorrow from local Record store - can't wait
  4. Agree, fantastic album. Had tickets to see them at Brisbane Festival Hall for this album tour, but they cancelled the tour. I think it was down to Adam (singer) being sick or having a throat issue
  5. He's probably been claiming credit for this masterpeice
  6. Not a RSD release, but bought this classic today whilst at my local
  7. Faith No More - Midnight Cowboy
  8. Yeah, I've been following them online over the last few months, leading up tot hte store opening. Will visit at some stage, but it's the complete other side of town for me. Sonic Sherpa at Stones corner is my regular shop. The owners previously had Skinny's in the city, which was a great shop, with heaps of In-store gigs in the 90's
  9. I Hvae IQ4 and the only reason I haven't gone to Kayo, Foxtel Now or Binge is that I channel surf a lot, especially with the sports channels. I have tried Kayo and hated changing in between sports channels, as you need to exit the programme you are wtaching. So, it's purely a viewing experience that is keeping me on the IQ4, as i'm a sports junkie. With the money that we pay for the IQ4 service, instead of being offered Foxtel Go, which does not have Apps on Apple TV, Telstra TV and other streaming devices, we should be given access to Kayo and Binge to watch when not at home in
  10. I saw this method online a while ago and that's how I now store all mine. It's so much easier to remove a record to play, without touching the cover. And there are some albums, especially doubles that are very annoying to remove and put the record back into the cover. I also keep the original inner sleeve in it's usal place inside the cover and that way is also stays in great condition.
  11. Can you advise the dimensions? I tired looking for the specs onnline, but nothing comes up for just Alix LS.
  12. I bought this 2 x 4 unit a few months ago and love it. Just got back into collecting and have a simple set up currently with plans wot gradually increase quality of equipment. Ignore terrible speakers in image, they've been changed already and a few more vinyl have already been added. It gets too easy to spend money on this stuff .....
  13. Thanks for all the feedback. Certainly given me a bit to look into. Is there much to be gained from new/better speaker wire if it’s only around 2 meters?
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