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  1. I grabbed The Battle of Mexico City - Rage Against the Machine today from Sonic Sherpa in Brisbane. Nothing else really grabbed my eye from the list.
  2. Some purchases on RSD...only one is a RSD release ( RATM Live Album)
  3. Thanks for telling you sad tale. Great to read .......terrible to live through
  4. Agree 100%...Grabbed this when they announced the album and was not disappointed. Their voices compliment each other so well. My wife is a huge P!nk fan and I love City and Colour, so it was a great to see a collab and album that we both love. Wish they'd do another one
  5. A few of the purchases over the last few weeks. Had a suprise inclusion with one of my orders. Ordered 2 Lp's and had an extra 3 lp's in my package - not charged for - Elton John- Diamonds Hoodoo Gurus - Electric Soup (very happy to get) Adam Lambert and Queen - Live They aren't albums I would have purchased, but happy with the Elton and Hoodoo inclusions. I'll pass on the Queen/Adam Lambert LP to a mate.
  6. This arrived today at work - Middle Kids new album "'TODAY WE'RE THE GREATEST"
  7. I've been seriously considering Shore from Fleet Foxes!! Hope it s a great listen
  8. Grabbed some of The National Re-releases from their early stuff. Glad to get Cherry Tree, which goes for big $$ for origianl pressing. Also got 20th Anniversary release Rain Lover, of local band, Halfway. It's superb
  9. This arrived today after buying through the classifieds
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