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  1. Sounds like you've been in NBN hell? FWIW: Here are my top 3 choices (top to bottom) for solid internet. They all take ownership of connection issues, no buck passing: https://launtel.net.au/ https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/ https://www.tpg.com.au/ Just run their plan checker thingy at your address. Launtel are the best, you can change your plan on the fly, and they're 100% Aussie, no 'dialect' mistranslations with their support personnel. I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH LAUNTEL. NO KICKBACKS, TAILS, ET AL. 100/4
  2. For the Mac Pro 4.1/5.1 users who wish to upgrade to Catalina and beyond, you will need to get familiar with "OpenCore". There is a self help group on FB, a guy named Martin Lo does all the heavy lifting for you. Here's their group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/278717320142078/permalink/424364942243981
  3. Nice. That CTO should see you through another 5 years, worth the wait. The word "disruptive" gets bandied about too often. But this is the real deal. For me, this chart says it all. Enjoy.
  4. $280 AUD (As this was written on December 20th, their flash sales do expire) Poco X3 NFC (Banggood link) Poco Site At a glance comparison ... $230 AUD. Edit - Without NFC and only 64gb onboard storage. Comparison with Pixel 5 CPU, that's $1000 for 8% better performance (and 5G).
  5. Me! Stopped watching headphones reviews for the same reason I stopped buying car magazines after purchasing The Ride 🙂. Although you rapscallions keep pulling me back in 🙂 p.s: Just missed out on your LCD-4's back in April.
  6. I was completely wrong on insisting to wait for V2 of "M1" Apple Silicon. If you don't need bootcamp, get the M1 Mac. Now. Any of them, they all perform the same (pretty much). MS Office is now "M1" native. Dec 17th, 2020. My preference is for the Air, the wedge shape is easier to type on, and it doesn't have the annoying touch bar.
  7. Your "13.2" iMac is solid, still in 2020 (and beyond). My MacPro 6.1 - that I'm writing on now - is basically the same, from an "under the hood/performance/chipset/architecture" POV* 🙂 Operating System "OS": 10.13.6 - High Sierra - is the best "way point" for forward/backward compatibility with least amount of issues. All the other points you bring up are comprehensively covered, step-by-step on pages 1 and 2. There's other friendly, knowledgeable, users here too, who you could reach out to as well. (They went down the same path). If you want ultimate peace of mi
  8. Looking over the prices of Intel, their CPU's have become more competitive-ish. Although the "platform" - motherboard/cooler etc, tends to be a bit higher. I bring up Intel, - if you're doing video editing in Premiere Pro, you can also use "quicksync" for additional rendering options. A 3060ti will rip through most GPU render enhanced options too. And, if you ever get really fancy, you can do a hackintosh on the Intel (you can with AMD too, but that's a bit clunky by comparison). Obviously your Hackintosh would NOT be able to use the nVidia GPU - nVidia support topped out with t
  9. The Mac is easy, If it was my money, buying a gaming focussed PC today, I'd base it around an RTX 3060ti - not for the Raytracing though - and a Ryzen 5 3600 (X, XT etc depending on budget and confidence with overclocking) or the equivalent Intel if on sale - with 16gb ram. We have quite a few PC's here too (children/Fortnite:). What do you play?
  10. 1. Any M1 with Apple software, iphoto/finalcut. 2. The strongest GPU you can get for an Intel/bootcamp Mac - as a "CTO" (custom order, extra $750 AUD, just for the GPU) - is the Radeon Pro 5700xt, which has about 7.7 tflops of 'raw' performance, which is less "tflops" than an already 4 year old nVidia GTX 1080ti. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-pro-5700-xt.c3662 If you play FPS, you'll be limited to 60fps on the built in monitor (possibly FPS more on a good "gaming" monitor plugged in via thunderbolt) and probably have to turn down some settings
  11. What do you use your Mac for, and do you NEED an upgrade right now? For 99%: M1, hands down. Unless: You need bootcamp now. You have an older 'treasured' audio device, without a spare spdif input. The M1 Mac Mini is a good all rounder, and decent 'value'. For an Apple product 😉 There's plenty of videos across many disciplines illustrating the POWAH of the M1. Here is a screen grab that acts as a good proxy for Apple optimised software, vs Intel: And, a technical deep dive on why the M1 is genuinely disrupt
  12. G'day. Not impossible to get newer OS for your Mac, you will have to jump through a few small hoops though. If you go back to "page 2" of this thread, you'll see detailed instructions/methods on how to download older Mac OS's no longer available 'officially' from Apple's store (they are legit methods though).
  13. G'day DM. Please see the post above this one for an overview of the "bootloader" - OpenCore. Good luck 007, the world is depending on you. Again 😉
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