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  1. Cheers 'bra' 🙂 To paraphrase Croc Dundee. "That's not a thunderbolt 3 adapter, THATS a thunderbolt 3 adapter" 🙂
  2. Was it the V1 or the V2? V2 says 80w, which will mitigate (slow down) discharge when CPU/GPU at full tilt, ie your battery will run out slower And, I'm not trying to be a "smarty pants, know it all" here, sure you've done your due diligence (I mean look at all that hifi P0%n in your sig), are ALL the cables in your run 110% quality? - Not the voodoo magic stuff that's $700 a meter, just rated at full Thunderbolt 3 capacity? And, what application? Are doing rendering at the same time? Or... just playing back 4k content? Using quick time or VLC? What's the monitor?
  3. Second that. I've used the Satechi adapter on every USB C MacBookPro from 2016 onwards, mostly with Dell monitors of all sizes... including the 34" I'm typing this on 🙂 "weird flex, but ok" - They're not my Macs, I'm a Mac Consultant. Products I recommend/set-up that give the least grief are good for business. The Satechi can get a little warm. Here's a local supplier: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/satechi-usb-typec-multiport-adapter-with-4k-hdmi-ethernet-v2-space-grey-ac12509
  4. Please see my post on April 26th on how to do a full, from the ground-up, clean rebuild. Rebuild TL;DR: 1 to 4 hours if you have a fast external drive. sign into iCloud and sync ✔️ your "keychain" (system preferences) - all your main passwords will be backed up sign in to your gmail, assuming you have gmail, via Chrome and sync your bookmarks use an external drive to either TimeMachine or Carbon Copy Cloner/CCC a backup. CCC is better. Its bootable. Its free for 30 days unlimited use. Make a bootable Apple USB, like this: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372 If it fails, you have a cheap USB - Get a branded $10 to $15 USB 3 one. boot off the Apple USB, erase your entire drive with disk utility, install a fresh OS CRITICAL: Manually set-up a new MacOS user account. DO NOT use TimeMachine/CCC to restore - there will/may be 'backwash' from previous OS's. CCC/TM is just as a reference, for peace of mind. (In case you missed something). Sign in to your iCloud, tick the "keychain" setting in System Preferences, this will bring back MOST of your passwords, wifi, your email/social media accounts etc. Manually drag and drop your: Movies/Music/Desktop/Documents from your backup into their corresponding folders in your new account. Go get the latest version of your Apps and reinstall as needed. Ok, maybe that was a long TL:DR 🙂 If that's a little daunting, you could try a... USB sound card: https://www.amazon.com.au/Plugable-Headphone-Microphone-Aluminium-Compatibility/dp/B00NMXY2MO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Plugable+USB+Audio+Adapter&qid=1589948588&sr=8-1 And, if you want something a little bit fancier: Bluetooth 5 aptX sound card: (has 3.5mm jack too). https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Stereo-Dongle-Adapter/dp/B07S1CSW46/ref=sr_1_35?keywords=aptx+usb&qid=1589948499&sr=8-35 AptX opens up a lot of wireless possibilities.
  5. https://satechi.net/collections/usb-type-c/products/type-c-multi-port-adapter-with-ethernet-v2
  6. Yeah, Apple tend to be fairly lenient with out of warranty stuff, especially if you're not a **** about it. All's well that ends well.
  7. Does he still game, or did he move on to other interests?
  8. Yeah, it is pretty hectic, and has a STEEEEP learning curve, like 9 to 12 months. But maybe that's because I had NEVER gamed in my life before. Oh, leisure time. Well this is different 🙂 There are specific moves and combinations of moves that you need to practise before it all "flows" - Similar to learning an instrument. Amateur to virtuoso is just how much time you put in (I have almost none, so there's that). I find the "game sense" is easy, probabilities of success or failure depending on resources, how many people dropped and where, terrain... a bunch of variables. It's the "hand to hand" close combat, coupled with building/editing structures that's challenging. Move, counter move. Always 3 to 4 steps ahead, while orchestrating at least 9 different key binds, and several mouse binds - that are contextual, depending on what mode you're in. Actually, it's like chess - in 3d, and real time. Yeah, my boy is getting into the competitive side of Fortnite. How much time does yours commit to R6S?
  9. "Ears wide shut"? It's like Ewan McGregor finding 'that' phone in Deception. Are you gonna get Charlotte Rampling... or Maggie Q 🙂
  10. Item: Audeze LCD X Price Range: $1000 ish (going rate?). Depends on year, condition, revision, FR, warranty etc. Item Condition: Used, near new, ex demo? Extra Info: I live in Sydney, close to CBD.
  11. 'Clean' OS rebuild, from the ground up. Fresh start, with your old data. Catalina has had sooo many 'teething' issues - I've only just started rolling it out to corporate customers, as of the April 8th, 2020 10.15.4 = (19E287), and only on a completely - from the ground up - rebuild - NOT using Time Machine restores, especially for Apps. Did you make a bootable USB with the latest - April 8th, (19E287) - full 10.15.4 installer? https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201372 I use Samsung "DUO" thumb drives for double duty on USB C and USB A https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/usb-flash-drives/usb-3-1-flash-drive-duo-plus-128gb-muf-128db-am/ If you have Apple ICloud, then preflighting with a keychain backup makes for an easy-er restore experience, as your Wifi passwords etc will be saved. Even better if you're on GSuite/Gmail and have your website logins backed up via Google - you can drag and drop your media libraries - Photos/Music etc. (Assuming you don't have them on a local NAS?). ie, after using the Catalina USB boot drive an OBLITERATING the inbuilt SSD with Disk Utility and then OS install you just sign in with: iCloud GSuite/Gmail on Chrome Any others? Microsoft Slack Google File Stream Drop Box etc Drag and drop your media files to their respective folders - assuming you have a pocket drive to hand with USB C adaptor? Launch the equivalent Apple apps - Photos/Music and re-link your library file when prompted. Download the latest versions of all your apps and install. In Energy saver, set the "Computer sleep" to NEVER. FYI - Having iCloud keychain and Google/Chrome for the lions share of your passwords, you can backport to Mojave for the 13" MBP. You can grab a fresh installer of Mojave from here: http://dosdude1.com/software.html The patcher tool has a "grab the OS installer from Apple", menu, and you can use Create Install Media (first link) to repeat the process as per Catalina clean rebuild. Let me know how you go.
  12. Taking kids for a walk, happy to comprehensively respond when we get back.
  13. Macintosh... consultant? Isn't that an oxymoron like Fortnite professional? P.s I'm over 30 😉 That's 30 years as a Mac consultant for (a broad cross section) of small medium enterprise* Ask away. * Not touting for business, just contributing to the community.
  14. Of course, I completely agree with you. Didn't mean lurking here. Didn't even know you existed. You know lurking/reviewing/lusting for gear by: Josh, Z, Metal 251, and a host of sites. What drew me here and, probably?, a lot of other StereoNet newbies - is doing a google search for a local Aussie shop/distributor and your classified being the top hit. Oh, you beauty, a like minded Aussie selling just what I want! Eh, what? I have to "contribute" to buy it? That'll take... time, and the item will be sold. Dang. So, if you don't want the confusion (aggro, 'silly' posts) may I suggest you block the google web crawler from your classified section.
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