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  1. Glad I did my A/B testing before these threads really blew up. After all the tech education, feel like my ears were gaslighting me ?
  2. It's aural typography. The 'negative space' is what makes it better. ?
  3. Someone on the ASR thread claimed Qobuz pays the artist 10x what Tidal does. That would be a compelling reason for me to jump ship.
  4. Amirm doesn't seem terribly bothered by mqa. fwiw. I have no dog in the fight.
  5. Check here first: https://www.imore.com/how-sync-your-imessage-history-and-attachments-new-mac If no go, then... Hmm. Normally I'd say set the messages backdate to 1 year, reboot and let your Mac run overnight - iMessage "sync" can take a really long time, like half a day. Or more. But, you can't even get to the initial part. That sounds like a bug, bodged install? The long way is to do a complete system reinstall, there's comprehensive instruction on how to that on the first page of this thread. Or, you could try an Apple store's ge
  6. I purchased a new toy - THX Onyx - that just happened to have mqa. And probably have New Toy itis and a bunch of confirmation biases. Curious over the kerfuffle - seriously that bunch at ASR should go and work at the LIGO detector - did some a/b testing on, allegedly, identical tracks with Qobuz vs Tidal. On both services, if something was Hi Res, they were both very pleasing. Slightly different choices in emphasis of musical presentation: Do I want to hear the singer's diaphragm as they suck air into their chest, or the plosives "p's" and "s's"... kind of down to that level o
  7. THX Onyx. USB-C DAC (headphone) Amp. This is what I meant by "taking a bullet for the team": Those are the ports on the 2021 M1 iMac. USB-C only. That's it. No built in USB A. In the back of my mind was the consideration that people with FireWire DAC/amps will want a replacement device thats physically compatible with newer M1 Macs and USB-C. Guessing most will just buy a backup 2012 Mac Mini. For those that go with any M1/Apple Silicon though, which will have USB-C ports, the THX Onyx seems to do the job quite nicely. 'course, I'm the audiophile
  8. Yeah, I just got the THX Onyx - not for mqa, for convenience - but was intrigued by the claims and assertions of the various factions on what service is 'best'. I also noticed Qobuz was MUCH louder out the gate. Went down the rabbit hole A/B ing "Hi Res" tracks on both platforms. Meh.
  9. -------------------------------- Ah. Small quirk with Onyx. Plug into 3.5mm Onyx jack, after setting "exclusive" mode. Yeah, those purple (magenta?) lights really DO make a difference. E-x-p-a-n-s-i-v-e. Gosh.
  10. Thank you. I'm using both the Tidal and Qobuz Mac OS desktop apps with their audio settings to maximum: Qobuz: Tidal. If I'd started with Qobuz and had a ton of 'curated' playlists, there's be no compelling reason to jump ship. ... Until someone here points me to the Ultimate 24 bit track ?
  11. So... I took a bullet for the team ? Primary purpose was to give a bit more oomph on headphone output vs the 2013 Mac Pro onboard options. It delivers on this. Significantly fuller sound at lower volume. Honestly, the LCD-X's mainly get used for watching movies and some shows (we haven't had a TV for 8 years now). Music listening takes up, maybe, 10% of total time with the LCD-X's. What about "Hi Res"? Meh... Did a quick n dirty music comparison with Tidal Vs Qobuz. ie 1 identical track on both platforms. Hardly comprehensive critical listening.
  12. What iPhone model do you have? And what speed(s) do you get if you run this: https://www.speedtest.net/
  13. From the first video in the previous post, we can safely extrapolate that if it works on an iMac with Big Sur and an adaptor, it'll work on a Mac Pro without an adaptor. If you don't already have an iSight webcam, consider using your iPhone's camera with "camo", or getting something newer that works over USB. You'll have more options for other Macs. Camo: iPhone camera piggy back. https://reincubate.com/camo/ USB: https://www.poly.com/au/en/products/video-conferencing/studio-p/studio-p5
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