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  1. Have turned the selector switch multiple times and no difference. I don't have any connectors to try my cd player in my aux port.
  2. MBZ....i swapped the rca plugs over and the sound comes out of the same speaker. In fact, with both the red and white rca jacks out.....it still had that sound in the speaker.
  3. Hi all....... I have a Realistic STA-82 Receiver that was working fine until the other day. FM radio works beautifully through both my Sony S30 speakers, but now when I swith to my turntable, one speaker sounds like a storm is happening. The other speaker is fine. (I can change the speakers over and the same thing happens) Now, as I don't know much about electronics: My first question is: Is it worth paying out money to get this repaired?, or should I sell it "as is?" And my second question is: If it is worth getting repaired, is there anyone on the Gold Coast would could do it?
  4. Hi Damien, Thanks for the greeting !! My Dad used to have one of these same models around 45 years ago....and since his passing, I have wanted to get one myself. He used to play all his old Bagpipe records on it such as, Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, etc.....LOL.
  5. Hi all. I originally hail from Bendigo, Victoria but have lived up here on the Gold Coast now for over 15 years. I am new to this Forum, and quite frankly.....I am new to all this Hi Fi stuff. I admit that I do not know very much about components, hardware, etc....but I do have a passion for Vintage Hi Fi and Vinyl. I have a Kreisler Multisonic Stereo 6 that I have restored. It is restored as in .....I have sanded it down and finished it off in a Mat Teak finish. I have disassembled the record player (by watching YouTube clips) and have taken all of the old hard grease out and re-lubricated. It will play records as long as I rest a 10 cent peice on the arm...LOL.
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