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  1. Ty!!!! the joy I will be a DIYer smashing it on a bargain!
  2. Ty! I just want to recoup what I can, while giving a good deal to members. its free money anyway, as I’m listening to the end result now - but the Mrs. abides...
  3. Ty! It’s too good to be sitting in a box (I have plenty of things sitting in boxes not worth pulling out) - a DIYer can surely turn this into something awesome!
  4. Not having a crack at the mods - having a crack at a frustrating situation. Bought at a store and it gets dropped off today.
  5. Someone needs to get this **** happening in Jazz... https://www.cmuse.org/worlds-largest-violin/
  6. So where does the octobass fall in... and why does the ‘anti bass’ actually go lower?
  7. Yup - but isn’t a double bass the giant violin the bass guitar aims to replicate? Doesn’t “contrabass” translate to “anti-bass” - as in a soprano? That’s the Latin anyway...
  8. I need a ‘definitive’ version - any recommendations? The AP was crap...
  9. As in one of these? (Sorry - new to jazz, legit question!!!).
  10. Crap - bought a 2m Black today after waiting for months for something like this! If adds were approved in a timely manner, I’d be listening to this right now!
  11. HiFi to the masses from Japan’s golden ‘law-suit’ era.
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