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  1. Hi Just wondering what tonearm and turntable you have? I'm considering this cart for a td160 with a tp16 tonearm. Many thanks
  2. Great Just doing some research on its compatibility with a td 160 with a tp 16 arm.
  3. No I didn't unfortunately. The turntable I was looking at buying it for fell through. Now back looking at turntables to buy.
  4. Worth do a bit of research on, thanks Paul.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. Yes I've been told the tonearm is quite light and that Id need a high compliance MM cart with some weight. I'm not sure about my budget? I guess once I know the approx. value of a good compatible cartridge for the TT and tonearm, I can put forward a reasonable offer to the seller. Not sure what that would be? Suggestions??
  6. MM cart recommendations Im looking at buying a Systemdeck IIX turntable with a Micro Seiki CF-2 tonearm. It has no stylus/cart and I'm not sure what would be the best MM cart for it considering the lightness of the arm? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Yes I agree, the asking a good dollar for them. A little more than I wanted to pay but I'm in no rush. I do like the look of them. Definitely would suit the vintage and style of my system.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure of the specs on each item, I was hoping a discussion on the pros and cons of each. My budget is around the $1k mark, give or take a couple of hundred. I also like the technics Sl 1200 in addition to the others mentioned. Thanks
  9. No that's a nice turntable. Pitty it's out of my price range
  10. Hi Everyone I'm currently researching turntables to see what would be the best fit for my system I've retrieved from storage (pic attached). Just wondering if anyone had some suggestions? I would prefer to stick to the same vintage as the speakers and amp, at a reasonable cost. From my investigation so far I'm leaning towards either a Thorens td 150/160, Systemdeck IIx, Denon dp 60L or Rega P2 or 3. What do you think is a better turntable and match for my system? Thank you
  11. Thanks for the welcome Wen :) I'll definitely create a wanted to buy post and keep an eye out in the classifieds. Thanks again :)
  12. Im new member looking to share information in regard to home audio and in particular turntables. I'm current running Wharfedale e70's and Amber pre and power amp and am after a turntable of similar vintage and quality. Thank you, regards Allan
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