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  1. These look interesting! I've currently gone for the EQ route to rectify the dip at this point in time, but seeing as there's an issue with the speakers I think I'll opt for a new set unless the problem is solved somehow...
  2. Hey Satanica, I tried everything including using mono audio, swapping L/R, using only one speaker in the same position and a combination of them all. I'm positive that there's a difference between them however minor it might be - but it's bearable for now until they get replaced.
  3. Hello there SNA, Rookie audiophile/long time lurker here and I'm looking for possible upgrades to my current Klipsch RP-600M's! I've recently discovered that one of the speakers from the RP-600M's sounded a tad more forward than the other - lacking a little depth and just a hair compressed - and now I can't make my ear unhear the difference between the speakers. I'm not sure whether it's a defect or not and still sound great but I've decided that it's time for an upgrade. My current setup: Speakers: Klipsch RP-600M Amp: Accuphase E-211
  4. Further information: Up for sale is a pair of used Audeze LCD-3's in perfect working order. Everything has been replaced/maintained and is in mint condition with the exception of the earcups (see images below). Earcups are pretty worn - soft as a pillow and very comfortable, but your ears may touch the drivers inside. Price is set with earcup replacements in mind. The wood is in immaculate condition and has been maintained and polished throughout its life. Although the original headphones were manufactured in 2014, the drivers were replaced in May
  5. Further information: Second owner, bought at the end of last year from a fellow StereoNET member. Well looked after and in mint condition - leather on headband, suspension strap and earcups were cleaned and conditioned with leather conditioner. Everything will be wiped down thoroughly before handover/shipping. Includes perforated Auteur and Eikon ear pads, stock 1/4 inch and 4 pin XLR balanced cables. Comes in Seahorse SE430 Airtight Case with owner's card. These are absolutely gorgeous headphones, both in looks and sound.
  6. Hello there, Been lurking for too long so decided to just make an account. Glad that the classifieds section is so active and ready to start looking for some sweet deals!
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