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  1. Hi Peter, Reporting back - build successful ! Works perfectly - thanks for pointing me in the right direction l
  2. Thanks Peter - you know what I might give that a crack ! It would solve my issue perfectly I think
  3. Hi Guys, I have played with speakers position a lot - and have a great speaker postions for most music. But the jazz recordings are just too panned out for my liking. Not keen to build something - though have a skilled friend that could - might run that circuit diag past him. It could run after the outboard phono stage - so may work. If there was something ready made that would be awesome. And no the amp hasn't got a mono button unfortunaley.
  4. My first post warning ... Hi - I have quite a few Jazz recordings , Vinyl , CD and Streaming where the instruments on many are panned to extreme edges of the stereo image. I have recently moved to a more close almost nearfield listening postion and finding it rather annoying. When listening to Coltrane - I would like to hear trane in front of me not near the exit of the room. Is there a simple way to convert the stereo source into a combined mono source into my amp ? Have google - but not gettign anywhere. I am sure some of the music come out mono - but don't fancy spending time and money sourcing these pressings.
  5. Look forward to come informative chats - long time lurker
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