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  1. Is the UI streamline and does it also allow you to use the Track Radio feature of Tidal? Some devices don't let you use certain features and Track Radio is often one of them.
  2. Does that mean you can open the tidal app and select them as the device to play on? Or do they require you to download their proprietary app like the heos does?
  3. Is there any streamer dacs with Tidal integration? My dad uses Spotify solely for the reason that he can open the app and select the Heos as the output device. This means that he doesn't have to use the actual Heos app to select his music. The Heos app makes Tidal and Spotify look terrible, so being able to connect to a streamer dac directly in Tidal would be awesome.
  4. My best mate was happy plugging his HD800 into a 3.5mm adaptor and then straight into his PC screen. Then I told him to get a Mojo and now he is much happier. Sometimes people are happy with their gear but then they experience something better and it's worth it. I suspected the Heos already had a dac but wasn't certain. Ideally a streamer DAC would be better as I definitely don't want to add any complexity. He is pretty happy with the sound, that's why I thought I'd post here about whether or not it's actually needed.
  5. Would the node2i be much better than the Heos he already has?
  6. Thanks TDX, what would be a good dac and streamer to look at it?
  7. Hi SNA, My dad has a nice speaker setup but doesn't run a DAC. Would he benefit from running a DAC and if so, what would you guys recommend? The setup is: 2x Focal Electra 1028Be Speakers 2x Focal Electra 1000Be Subwoofers Muisc Fidelity KW500 Amplifier Heos Link HS1 (or 2, not sure) Pro-Ject Classic Turntable He mainly listens to music on Spotify/Tidal through the Heos Link. Would he be able to hook a DAC up to the KW500 and Heos Link? Would it be needed or worth it?
  8. Great seller, buy with confidence. GLWS
  9. Not wrong haha, wish I logged in earlier 😔
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