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  1. There are changes, particularly in tuning. It's not just a pimped out Elegia.
  2. What headphones were you using this with? The MA BD is an exceptional cable for the Utopia in my experience. GLWS!
  3. Had the OP not specifically stated that he also owns the later TC version, I would not have asked. However seeing as he did, I would assume that he is best placed, more so than those who have not owned both headphones, to give some perspective. I stand by my question as it hurts nobody, including the OP, to talk to the differences. Rather it helps to educate a potential buyer of a used TOTL headphone.
  4. Tempting. Difference between CC and TC? Purchase date?
  5. Awesome value Dmax. You can’t buy them this cheap new or from overseas.
  6. I can’t say enough good things about the Stellia. I’m putting 8-10hrs a week on mine and they’re fantastic.
  7. Samsung CRG9. It's quite amazing for multitasking actually. My desk and setup has changed since those pictures 🤣 Add a couple of DAC's, AMP's and headphones.
  8. Congrats! Can I ask, you are saying they sold to you at the B Stock price after B Stock had finished? @Bengineer, precedent my friend
  9. Utopia on the Gumby/Molly was not for me. It was just missing something and perhaps the tubes on the Molly weren't suited. Utopia are amazing on V281
  10. Great speakers and awesome price. I use these on my home office desktop.
  11. How does this model differ from SR25 or SP1000M? Price wise it seems to sit in the middle? Or is that wrong?
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