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  1. For what they deliver, surely just chucking them in the bedroom, the kitchen or the garage is better than selling them. If not, GLWS. They’re a great speaker 😃
  2. Thats why Hugo 2 + Stellia is my daily office rig. Nothing beats it for a high-end closed back solution.
  3. You are probably right. I should really looks at tubes for my WA2. I haven't dabbled yet.
  4. It’s really good and an honest contender for those who like the HD800S.
  5. Agree Ray. I’d likely buy it to go alongside my HD800S for a difference flavor. Really love this headphone.
  6. Well I’m glad I paid $1450 new locally for my HD800S then 😂 I still think it’s the best value headphone period.
  7. Is that in reference to using your Empy on your Violectric? If so, I’d agree hence my comment above. However on Hugo 2, I can’t see this being a problem - I may be wrong but we will see. At our recent meet at Peppy’s I tried both copper and silver Meze cables on the A&S Encore and while I preferred the silver, the copper just sounded different, not ‘worse’ as such. Pairing the copper on a device like H2 should marry well. If not, the cable can be easily sold on.
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