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  1. Seriously.. this weak attitude actually pisses me off. Letting this go only makes them think they can do this to the next person. Arthur is a bloody nice guy at A2A Newtown - I don’t see how this is an issue at all. Get your money back. I’d meet you there any demand it for you if that’s what it takes. I’ve spent 8k with them in the past few months and plan to do more business with them. Though not if they refused a refund you when you ask for one and state your rights - as I would then consider them to be breaking the law. Fact of the matter is, you won’t find anything close to as good as the Elegia for this kind of money. That’s why people went nuts for them. So either live with the fact that certain tracks might clip, or get your money back. Exchanging for an inferior (clipping or not) device, doesn’t make much sense. Note, I only ever experienced this clipping on one track (2049 - Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack). Otherwise it was perfect. I had to be told what track to play to find it also.
  2. Minidisc may bend over backwards to help, though i'm yet to have a need to experience this myself, but their 21 day money back policy is riddled with inconsistencies. OP, if you weren't happy you should have insisted on the refund. There is absolutely no way they can refuse a refund on faulty items.
  3. A friend messaged him and smelled a rat. I believe someone transferred him funds. This is really off topic so I won’t comment further.
  4. Try this track and tell me what you hear. Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack - Track 1 - 2049 I think you will be referring to clipping which is common on some frequencies.
  5. Well, I didn’t say the shots were centered .. that’ll be the beers
  6. If I wear a lab coat, will that add to the legitimacy of my findings?
  7. No we tested them as all in one, not amp vs amp with the same DAC, did we?
  8. I would summarise like this. To my ears, I felt that the fully balanced Audio GD DAC gave the most separation and sounded the cleanest, followed by the non-balanced RME DAC. The Hugo 2 came incredibly close to the RME - if not equal to my ears. That was DAC performance alone. Using built in AMP's, I felt the Hugo 2 came remarkably close to a full desktop stack in sound quality, body and works as a great transportable solution.
  9. This was in no way scientific. It was a couple of mates with access to some gear, doing some round robin testing. These are my results based on my listening so i'll add some context. Essentially I sat facing away while peppy used a switch to jump between DAC's through the same amp, the Taurus. We tested multiple tracks and did both vocalised a, b, c tests, as well as non-vocalised (I didn't know if it was a, b or c playing). When we looked at the results we saw patterns. The results listed, which admittedly looked cleaner with the actual excel sheet we had, showed that I had a preference toward certain DAC's over others. At least, a preference to how one of the DAC's tested sounded when paired with the Taurus. Another AMP might have things again as I do believe pairings make a difference.
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