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  1. I actually brought my speakers over to test out the combo before I bought it. Speakers sound good! Not $2000 good, but really enjoyable for my lounge room, which is all I wanted. Now I just have to keep an eye out for a used Node 2.
  2. Thanks for the help, in the end I liked the sound of the Marantz PM 45, so I went with it! It has been serviced too so reasonable condition.
  3. Thanks very much for your help. I'll keep the Pioneer in mind. So at the moment I can purchase the Pioneer A400X or Audiolab 8000A unseen, or I can have a listen to a Marantz PM 45. There is also a Marantz SR5500 I can go and listen to, so at the moment I'm leaning towards the 2 Marantz amps. I know the SR5500 is more for home theatre, but it sounds like it might be great for my speaker setup.
  4. At the moment I can test out a Marantz PM 45, a Rotel RC-960BX (I assume I would need a power amp to go after this?) or purchase an Audiolab 8000A blind. The first 2 are within budget, any opinions?
  5. Definitely prefer used, let's say around the $300 mark. Speakers are 6ohms, 91dB sensitivity, 120W maximum input. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the recommendations. I actually like the idea of a dedicated streamer and a standalone amp, since everything digital eventually gets superseded... I'll probably shop around for an amp first and use the old phone into RCA trick, and eventually upgrade with some kind of Bluesound Node. Does anybody have any ideas for good amps to pair with fairly flat-sounding speakers?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. Might be tricky to find the Bluesound for that low though, or even at all, I can't find any being sold at the moment. As for the amps, any recommendations for 6ohm speakers with 91dB sensitivity?
  8. Hi everyone, I just recently got my hands on a pair of Pioneer S55Ts. I'm just looking for an amp to drive them, and seeing as I only listen to Spotify and FLAC files these days, I'm looking for a system that can do the streaming with a DAC as well. But I don't know anything about integrated amps. Less than $1000, preferably less than $500. The speakers sound a bit 'polite' to me so character is good. Although I only stream from Spotify I may switch to Tidal in the future, or even Qobuz. Thanks for any help!
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