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  1. @broadz How do do that?? My 840c has the same problem - and I have an 851a (hoping the same will work!)
  2. Free Martin Logans in Sydney - https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wollstonecraft/speakers/martin-logan-speakers/1270947544
  3. Hi @Marc, I am happy to be wrong ? Can pass on the details via PM if you want them, otherwise i'll just leave it alone.
  4. I'm yet to confirm it, but i am 99% sure of at least one member in Sydney that has two usernames, and both of them flip items. if they are not the same person, their MO and furnishings are remarkably similar for two different people in the same suburb.... I'm guessing that this is something that is a little bit more common than it should be
  5. the bank account is more than likely legitimate, they (the fraudster) know the police won't pursue it due to the (relatively) low sum involved so they don't care. If their bank closes the account, they will just open another one with another bank and it is business as usual for them - it sucks, but that's how it happens
  6. @nowallet I have a CXA-60 that has been faultless for the last 5 years - not a single issue, concern or fault. it is only no longer my main amp because I picked up an a Cambridge 851A at a steal ?
  7. The brands all look to be those of the distributer: https://convoy.com.au/ Some of the items also seem to match their clearance page: https://convoy.com.au/shop/ No idea if they are legit though, so as per above, buyer beware
  8. I haven't heard the floor standers but grabbed a pair of the bookshelves a few months (Year?) ago from Dick Smith (Kogan) for under $200 delivered. At the selling price, I don't see how they can be beaten. They are not going to compete with speakers that are 10 times their price, but but for a 2nd or starter system they are brilliant. I would be buying a pair of the floor standers if I had somewhere to put them They tend to pop up on Grays online as well - just watch out for the illogical "buy it now' pricing: There are also some for auction:
  9. @Maverick730 Title says NAD C350 - Pic is NAD C370 - probably worth updating the tile to save confusion! GLWTS
  10. I don't know if this is a bargain, but it does at least seem reasonable.? Kef reference 1's from the 90's for $1,300. Newcastle NSW area https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/garden-suburb/speakers/kef-reference-one/1261508980
  11. You should probably put it in the classifieds if you want to sell it. This WTB is over 3 years old - it started in Feb 2017.
  12. She is a bit slow on the replys. Calling her is you best bet...
  13. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/queenscliff/speakers/speakers/1260687141 Quadral phonologic vulkan speakers. Seller advised not used in last 15 years... could be a deal for someone who is willing/able to fix anything that is wrong.
  14. This is close to the wish list, but is an intergrated amp, not a preamp... and over budget. https://klappav.com.au/products/powernode-2i-wireless-multi-room-music-streaming-amplifier-black
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