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  1. I don't think i have a need for a sub, there is plenty of bass - physical room correction is definitely something I should do, but can't, hence previous suggestions for Dirac
  2. Noted! i didn't realise the gap was that small - will definitely need to do my research if buying new. Realistically i'll probably keep trawling the classifieds to see what pops up😀
  3. I have these under a pair of monitors (near field) in the office, and they made a noticeable difference. I haven't got these under the main speakers yet, but I do have some super high quality audio grade chopping boards (Ikea Aptitlkig) under them. I won't go on record saying they made anything better, but they didn't make it worse so they stayed! Will grab some more of the whites squares next time I'm at bunnings Foe amplifications yes ideally i was think 150wpc seemed about right this is the one that seemed about right for price/performance: https://www.marchaudio.net.au/product-page/p252-stereo-250-watt-power-amplifier yes, the office monitors are active so a pre amp option in the range is preferred, this is how I started with the WXC-50's! I can still use the CXA as a Pre if I had to as a short term solution
  4. Cheers - i'll be looking for a black one though
  5. As speakers were the most recent change i need to look elsewhere for addiitional improvements. Otherwise we start the "why did you buy these if you want different ones" discussion. Will be keeping an eye out for amps as well, the march audio ones do look good
  6. Great, thanks everyone! I think the 1st plan will be to try the BluOS and go from there Cheers
  7. Thanks everyone, opinions are exactly what I am after, otherwise I am just talking to myself! Still looking like a streamer may be the 1st cab off the rank, unless the right amp comes up! - I have had a WTB up for a while but stupidly have passed on some amps that in hindsight, I should have been all over! I see people jump on the Bluesound streamers pretty quickly here, assuming that will be an upgrade? How is the user interface? I also have a mac mini basically doing nothing - would that improve anything? @proftournesol - Yes music is always an upgrade - fortunately I have no issues getting more music, it's the hardware that causes problems! @Hi-Fi Whipped - That was my original though as well . @Snoopy8 - The NAD uses the same interface as the Bluesound i believe? - do you have any experience with it? The Yamaha app is pretty good so would an equivalent level to keep the missus happy @Irek - Something like the Peachtree 220 in the classifieds the other week ?
  8. Thanks @Jone5y, a consensus seems to be building...
  9. Thanks @tripitaka, that was pretty much at the bottom of my list! I guess i might have to find a way to try some others
  10. Good question! There is nothing actually wrong, but i also know that things could sound better. If i had to pick something, i would say i want better detail/ clarity, but i dont want to add any more brightness
  11. Hi All, Looking for alternate ideas or opinions on my next upgrade: Current set up: QNAP NAS ---> Netgear Router ---> Yamaha WXC-50 (as streamer only) ---> Cambridge DAC Magic Plus ---> Cambridge CXA-60 ---> Monitor Audio Silver RS8 (most recent upgrade) All cabling is of decent quality (Bills / AudioQuest). So the question is, where is the next "bang for my buck" upgrade - looking for something under $1,000 to keep matrimonial bliss. Currently i am thinking amplification (100wpc or better if i can find it) but as my wife tells me that i'm wrong all the time, I thought I would check for some other opinions. NB. Acoustic treatment is a non starter due to a mixed purpose living area (i've already tried and lost that battle). Any suggestions are welcome! Note for Mods - I have tried to put this in the right forum, but please accept my apologies if I still got it wrong
  12. Can you confirm which modules are installed? The title says it includes the hdmi board, but it is not in the picture - or am i missing something?
  13. Yep. That was the one that made me update the post. Was only 15mins away too!
  14. Im 99% sure it went in the classifieds shortly afterward.
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