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  1. Anyone in Sydney/surrounds have anything???
  2. I'm happy with the sound from Deezer but that being said, i have never used Tidal so can't give a direct comparison against it. I have various albums in 24/96 and higher but to be honest once it goes past 16/44 i'm not sure I can pick the difference. The Deezer SQ is definitely a step up from Spotify (which was as expected) though I find that the suggestions/playlists/interface/integration in Spotify is better than Deezer (although it is getting better the more I use it). From various other comments I've seen, people say the same about Spotify vs Tidal as well so that could be a moot point. I'm pretty sure you get the 1st month free on Deezer so my suggestion would be try Tidal for $4 and Deezer for a month (free) and see what you prefer. worst case is you spent $4 which seems a pretty reasonable way to work it out! Cheers
  3. ethro

    WTB: KEF Q350

    Looks like there are a pair of black ones on gumtree (Sydney) bit over your price and the wrong colour (black) but maybe you can negotiate on the price and with the wife? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/clyde/speakers/kef-q350-bookshelf-speaker-surround-speaker-pair/1252085642
  4. Thanks @Bisguittin, probably a little over my budget but will keep in mind - from all reports that is a great amp. Cheers
  5. Just FYI for anyone else who is reading the post. The WXC-50 can output via digital into a DAC - i'm doing it right now via the coax out😀 i note the OP seems to have resolved the WTB.
  6. Item: Power Amp 100wpc into 8ohms Price Range: ~$500 ish Item Condition: New or Used - must be functional and not have obvious/ugly marks and scratches etc Extra Info: Ideally a minimum 100wpc into 8 ohms, also needs to have trigger on/off or signal sensing functionality as my wife has stated she will not press any more buttons just to listen to music😁 I note the budget and the spec requirements may be difficult to align but have previously seen older NAD’s /Rotels and newer Emotiva’s for around this money so hopefully something is out there. I’m in Sydney so preference is for local pick up but if you have something that can be posted safely at a reasonable cost, I’m open to it. Also not in a rush so if you have something that you think might be selling soon, i'm interested Cheers
  7. Seems like a very good deal! For those who have devices that may not support TIDAL, Deezer also has a deal for 25% off the HiFi plan (FLAC/CD Quality) if you go in with a "Sonos referral". In reality anyone can do it, which I have: https://www.deezer.com/en/offers/?referer=sonos
  8. After reading the previous posts, I'm hoping this post will help me post in the classifieds - I have something listed in a WTB but cannot reply!
  9. I have both the CXA60 and also a Yamaha streamer (different model but with same music cast functionality ) I cant comment on the other amps mentioned, but I find the CXA60 a good match for me, and the onboard DAC is especially helpful where space is limited For the yamaha's, the music cast app is very user friendly and has good mix of functions (NAS support/streaming services/bluetooth/internet radio) I will likely to be getting another music cast "something", soon to bring more items into the ecosystem so would recommend it, for the price it does everything ive asked from it and more
  10. HI All, After a few months looking at pages and classifieds i thought I would finally officially join up. Currently looking to expand/improve my 2 1/2 systems (all digital sources), so will be trawling the classifieds and providing commentary where I have experience Current System(s): Main: Pioneer N30 streamer (fed by NAS) Cambridge Azur 840c CD player Cambridge CXA60 Amp Jamo C605 floorstanders Office Yamaha WXC-50 Preamp/Streamer Event Tuned Reference 6 (powered studio monitors) Other Pioneer SPBS22LR bookshelfs (amp to be acquired) NAS to feed FLAC's around the house Mixture of cabling Amazon Basics / Audio Princpe and Audioquest + no name OFC speaker cables (14awg) Look forward to talking to you all. Cheers
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