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  1. I might add the following. I have the original sub plinth and tensions springs and adjusters, which can come along with it , although why you would ever want to reuse them is beyond me. I will supply the True point receipts and the receipt for the ph0-701 tube preamp as well, (which has the upgraded recommended tube rather than the stock Chinese one) I will also add that i have the true point pink triangle spindle grease and lubricatign oils and a spare belt for the buyer, and a Dr feikhart protractor. I also have the manual for the Orion tonearm
  2. Howdy, new member here, mainly joined so I can buy or sell some of my gear. Going to be listing a pink triangle anniversary with full true point upgrades shortly. Cheers all
  3. Further information: Pink triangle pt01 with a full carbon fibre rebuild kit with sub plinth and base boards from true point audio fully setup (3k on its own from them) and balanced, with an helius orion II tonearm Dc external speed controller from true point, New sapphire bearing cups on the spindle from true point. Vincent tube preamp with seperate power supply for isolation. Ortofon 3m black with less than 1 hour play time perfect condition Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one b
  4. Howdy I'm in Brisbane as well, also a lurker here.
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