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  1. after 5 moths of auditioning around Sydney, I ...to my great surprise ... ended up buying the Magnat Signature 905 floor standers last November and very happy ... since the mid 1980 only owned British speakers .. love my 905 GLWTS
  2. Still have my 1986 Denon DR171 .. Dolby B/C, chrome and metal selector, input adjustment some times in the 70s or 80s in the UK when you couldn’t find the LP you may find cassette... also when at school if your friend had an album you wanted to listen to you could give him a tape to record it to see if you liked it . in the 90 $30 cds in Aus were a rip off ... when I went to work for 4 yrs in Indonesia top 20 cds in upmarket music stores in BlokM / Plaza Indonesia were $20 but cassettes were $5 to $7 each at that price ( these were not cheap copies but official supplier
  3. Tried a few for kitchen and outside deck use , wanted it to pair quickly with iphone , reasonable sound quality The JBL extreme 2 has enough power to push a good volume and for these speakers better than the small box size ...but not the huge JBL boombox but close in size ..but large enough with decent bass for what you are paying for Keep an eye out at JB HIFI / Goodguys / HN for discounts as they do sell for around $250 very often ..and sometimes below that
  4. I have had a Brio drive Wharfdale and Mordant Short bookshelf and Ae109 floorstanders ... even had it hooked up to my Magnat Signature 905s floorstanders and drove all easily ..also a good phono input.. and never pushed it over half volume as I feel the output wattage is conservative heavy for its size .. built to last
  5. Paul thinking of you when I saw the new bridge at Windsor under water on tv news would think you are too far inland for the flood plain Apollo still going well Mark
  6. Choice is good, I will always prefer the depth of vinyl over CD but it’s what I was brought up with in the 60s .. we also had cassettes to make playlists up with a bit more work than drag and drop on itunes I use streaming, cds, cassettes ( yep those things) and vinyl when cd’s appeared it was at a price premium to vinyl ... the future of music .. no crackles and no scratching the disk 🤪... digital sound of the future .. until iTunes / iPods / streaming compared to the 80s vinyl is crazily overpriced as cds drop in price from when they were $30 in the 90s ....which wi
  7. When I saw this posting, having bought 95% of my album(vinyl) collection in the UK growing up late 60s to 80s ...so went to check my DSOM ... first time I have looked up discogs to see what any of my albums are worth ...amazed 200 quid for a good condition ...yes mine is a SHVL 804 2 poster and 3 stickers ... I just play it
  8. The only motoring publication I have ever had is for EVO UK which I loved and spoke to what I wanted in a car ... worth the postage even when the AUS version appeared on the market don’t think they would have the Mazda in the Ecoty ...😃😃. 😴😴 now a GT 3 RS ...🤩🤩
  9. great looking decks, ... my neck hurts looking at the photos ...you may want to rotate the photos GLWTS
  10. for me Bill Hartnell, watching Dr Who as a kid in black and white on the BBC at 5pm .... the introduction of the Daleks were huge back in the 60s ... Pertwee was better than Troughton as an actor Havent watched the show for many many years but always pondered as how a 60 police phone box / Tardis would look out of place on todays streets in the UK
  11. Based on my 4 month search for new floor standers and listening to many ... if you can get them Price Range: $5000 to $10000 1. PMC Twenty5.23 $6,490 2. Dynaudio Focus 20 XD stand-mount $7,999 incl power amps; Contour 20 $ $8000, 60XD $14,999 3. B&W 805d3 $7900 4. Krix Neuphonix Mk2 $5,300 5. ATC SCM19A $6800 6. VAF I66 $8500; VAF Signature i66 Mk2 $8,000 7. Magnepan MG3.7IR - $9999; 8. Audio Physic Classic 30 $8000 9. Harbeth 30.2 10. Krix Esoterix Altum $6995 11. Revel F208 $9,400 12. Devialet Phantom Gold pair $10,000 13. PMC
  12. I still have my ae109s bought in the UK when visiting family back in 2000 and shipped them back to Aus as found nothing to match for the price. They are still going strong is a second system and great performers with music or HT. I have the darker veneered cabinets (Rosewood ) Attach some good speaker cables (had some NB bi wired krix) and a sub such as a Rel T zero or T5 ... end up with a superb pair of floorstander for the price GLWTS
  13. One note ... was the first single (45) put out by the band as far as I know
  14. Hope you enjoy it as I have enough Joy Division and New Order Lps and 12” singles from the 80s. as for other bands .. OMD, Happy Mondays and James were big during the Madchester .. as Manchester was called during this time the Mondays are a story in itself .. 2 great track on side 14 .. Hallelujah and Step on
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