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  1. Correct. You can choose USB (digital) input, Toslink or RCA (analog) input. As a DAC is OK but not great. Depends how fussy you are on DAC quality.
  2. Further information: This is a brand new item. I have taken it out of the box to have a look at it, but never used it. Included is the clear acrylic case, 24V Meanwell power supply (which will power this board plus the Raspberry Pi board) and the PI2AES - Pro Audio Shield board. It has AES/EBU (balanced digital), toslink, coax BNC and buffered I2S ouputs available. To create an audiophile streamer with this, you need to add a Raspberry Pi board, plus an IEC power cable for the 24V power supply, build the case (pretty simple) and load your choice of software onto the Raspberry Pi
  3. Still happy to grab one from Bentleigh. Thanks for making it happen @des35swim Michael
  4. Ok - I'm happy to wait so you three can go ahead with a shared pack and I'll be a backup for 1 sheet if needed.
  5. Where abouts are you @gat474? People interested are: Blybo 2, des35swim 2 gat474 3 Me 1 To make up a bag of 6, and including des35swim as he knows where the supplier is and kicked this buy off, it would be des25swim, me and gat474, with Blybo missing out ? Can you live with that Blybo? Alternatively if gat474 is OK with 2, then I can wait until another time. Michael
  6. @blybo Where abouts are you in Melbourne Neil? I will consider picking it up and dropping it to you depending on where you are. There are 6 sheets in a bag, so if you actually want 3, des35swim wants 2 and I have 1 we are fully subscribed for one bag. Michael
  7. Just one sheet for me. I have a reasonably large station wagon. It could fit in there with the tailgate open a bit. I'd contemplate offering to pickup & distribute, but depends on where potential buyers are. That delivery is pretty expensive. Michael
  8. Hi @des35swim I'm interested in one 50 mm panel (could live with 75mm as a second choice). If you are willing to arrange the group buy that might make more sense than me doing it as you need a reasonable amount. I have been a bit distracted onto other things (just bought a MiniDSP UMIK-1 and 2x4HD processor) so I haven't done anything more on the Martini order. Based on Will's pricing above I'd estimate it is around $50 per sheet for 50mm. I was a bit concerned I'd be left with a bunch I didn't want if people pulled out, so you'd probably want to be slightl
  9. Thanks for the update Will. I'll get an updated price for 50mm white Martini XHD and create a group buy on Stereonet. If we have enough people interested then I'll order as soon as Melbourne travel restrictions allow when we reach the third step of reopening (hopefully on 26 Oct). I'll post back here when I have created the group buy. Michael
  10. Thanks Will Were those the thickness you were interested in? I'd prefer 50mm, but 75mm could be OK. Michael
  11. Ok - 12 is a lot of material! As I probably only need one sheet we might need more in the group buy. I have a commodore station wagon which can take a pretty big load - I'll check whether 2.4 x 1.2 will fit. Thanks for the tip re flag material. I'll have a hunt around for that. Michael
  12. I don't really care about the colour too much as I'm going to cover it with fabric - hopefully an art print if I can find where to get acoustically transparent fabric printed that's not too expensive. White may be preferred as it won't show through. We'll see what the minimum order quantity is and what Will comes back with, but a group buy seems like a good plan! Michael
  13. Thanks @Kdjjdk Will. If there is a minimum order quantity that is more than you need, are you interested in sharing an order, once indulging in hobbies is a permitted reason to leave the house? I probably only need one sheet (if 2.4m x 1.2m). What way the price and minimum order quantity? I know what you mean about "architectural" stuff. If you are greeted by a beautifully put together website and fancy showroom, unfortunately the prices tend to match.
  14. Hi @Kdjjdk Will Did you have any luck finding someone that can supply this? I'm interested in some 50mm thick Martini if you have some spare and want to sell excess. Michael
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