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  1. Thanks for the update Will. I'll get an updated price for 50mm white Martini XHD and create a group buy on Stereonet. If we have enough people interested then I'll order as soon as Melbourne travel restrictions allow when we reach the third step of reopening (hopefully on 26 Oct). I'll post back here when I have created the group buy. Michael
  2. Thanks Will Were those the thickness you were interested in? I'd prefer 50mm, but 75mm could be OK. Michael
  3. Ok - 12 is a lot of material! As I probably only need one sheet we might need more in the group buy. I have a commodore station wagon which can take a pretty big load - I'll check whether 2.4 x 1.2 will fit. Thanks for the tip re flag material. I'll have a hunt around for that. Michael
  4. I don't really care about the colour too much as I'm going to cover it with fabric - hopefully an art print if I can find where to get acoustically transparent fabric printed that's not too expensive. White may be preferred as it won't show through. We'll see what the minimum order quantity is and what Will comes back with, but a group buy seems like a good plan! Michael
  5. Thanks @Kdjjdk Will. If there is a minimum order quantity that is more than you need, are you interested in sharing an order, once indulging in hobbies is a permitted reason to leave the house? I probably only need one sheet (if 2.4m x 1.2m). What way the price and minimum order quantity? I know what you mean about "architectural" stuff. If you are greeted by a beautifully put together website and fancy showroom, unfortunately the prices tend to match.
  6. Hi @Kdjjdk Will Did you have any luck finding someone that can supply this? I'm interested in some 50mm thick Martini if you have some spare and want to sell excess. Michael
  7. I tried then about 60cm apart and with me around 60cm from each speaker (didn't see your post until this morning re 80cm). That's a lot closer than I normally listen so a bit difficult to evaluate, but I though they sounded very good - bit more like listening to headphones than speakers in a way. I tried low volumes and they sounded pretty good, but I don't find any speaker sounds as good at low volumes - the effect of the Fletcher Munson equal loudness, where bass and treble sounds less loud as volume goes down. If you are playing from a PC maybe you could compensate for this by some kind of equalisation program. So it's hard to say how the 8010s compare to other speakers. I think you'd really need to really need to have a listen yourself to compare. Another cheaper option to consider is the iLoud Micromonitors, which have very good reviews, but I have not heard personally. The genelec website recommends the 8010s from distances of 0.5m up and nearfield monitoring is what they are designed for so I think it's likely that they'd be as good as anything else in that regard.
  8. I will give them a try tonight once I get my listening room back. I saw earlier that you say you listen at 1.5' from you. That's super close. How far apart would you have the speakers? I'm happy to try them as you will listen to them and let you know. They're easy to move, on small stands and I currently have them with the fronts around 28cm from the back wall, giving a bit of a boost to the bass.
  9. I have the Genelec 8010s and am super impressed by them. I don't listen to them at the distances you are planning, but I think they'd be as good as anything else, being so small. I have mine hooked up with 3.5mm input and there is no audible noise. They will even go surprisingly loud without sounding stressed. If you crank them up too much they just self limit to prevent driver overexcursion. Not a cheap option, but I got mine new from Factory Sound for $900 to give you an idea what you can get them for. If you wait a bit I'm sure a pair (or the 8020s) will come up on Gumtree or maybe even Stereonet.
  10. Thanks candyflip! Forgot to mention that I'm mainly into jazz and classical (as my moniker suggests) but I also listen to a fair bit of other stuff every now and then, with the possible exception of country/western and heavy metal.
  11. Hi Steronet Seems like a good community of enthusiasts here. Current system is a modest pair of Acoustic Energy AE1s, Cyrus 3 amp. Streaming to a Chromecast audio. Also have built some oversized sealed subs with Scanspeak drivers to sit under the AE1s and AKSA 100W amp to drive, but these are in storage since I lost my dedicated listening room. I also have a pair of the awesome little Genelec 8010s, which I mainly use as speakers for a digital piano, but also come in handy for keeping the audiophile experience while on holidays. Vaguely on the lookout for some Genelec 8330s, or maybe 8341s.
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