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  1. +1 for the Topping E30. Not sure you can find anything better for $220. I really like the Auto-On feature. It has coaxial and optical inputs (if you need them). The JDS Atom DAC only has USB inputs.
  2. Hope the 15% upgraded spring rate has been tested on Australian roads. Especially if they come with Pretoria's or they are an option.
  3. I like the gloss trims on MK7R. Not much of the fan of the silver accents on the front though, they don't match the gloss black mirrors (wolfsburg edition). Looking forward to how the MK8 performs against the MK7/7.5.
  4. Gloss black side skirts are a nice change.
  5. I have a pair of Sony MDR-V6's but have not used them for a few years. I prefer the convince of wireless headphones/earphones.
  6. Hi. My name is Andrew. I don't have much of a setup now, just keen to learn more. Since working from home I have been able to use my B&W MM-1 more often. I really enjoy them and have recently connected them through my old Fiio E10 DAC/Amp. I think they sound a little better than the internal DAC but I still feel they are missing some low end but can't expect too much from the small drivers. I was going to add my Definitive technology Supercube III but the amp has died for the 2nd time. Right now looking for small sub and a passive pre-amp so I can adjust the volume of the speakers and sub at the same time. I have read that adjusting the volume through windows is not the best way.
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